Texas Tech University

Cindy Akers, Ed.D

Agricultural Education and Communications

Email: cindy.akers@ttu.edu

Phone: 806-834-4578

Dr. Akers is an award-winning teacher receiving outstanding teaching awards from students, peers and within the profession. Some of these awards include the Hemphill-Wells New Professor Excellence in Teaching Award, Presidents Excellence in Teaching Award and a national Award of Excellence in Academic Programs. Dr. Akers has also served in leadership roles for the profession as chair of the academic programs special interest group, superintendent of the National FFA Agricultural Communications Career Development Event and Chair to Texas Tech University's Teaching Academy. Dr. Akers has been a co-author on award-winning research papers and posters. She also currently serves as CASNR's Director of Student Services.

Dr. Akers began teaching at Texas Tech University in 1997. She has taught ACOM 1300 Intro to Agricultural Communications, ACOM 2305 Digital Communication in Agriculture, ACOM 3301 Video Production in Agricultural Sciences, ACOM 4000 Internship, ACOM 4100 Senior Seminar, ACOM 4300 Web Design in Agricultural Sciences, ACOM 5303 Advanced Computer Applications in Agricultural Communications, AGED 7100 Graduate Seminar, AGED 6000 Master's Thesis and AGED 8000 Doctor's Dissertation.

Dr. Akers is married to Steven Akers and they have two daughters, Lauren and Wrye.

Contact Dr. Akers at 806-742-2808 or cindy.akers@ttu.edu.

Cindy Akers