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Graduate Program

The Department of Agricultural Education and Communications at Texas Tech University is considered a national leader in the discipline. Faculty members in the department represent a wide range of backgrounds, interests, and are involved in a variety of local, state, regional, national, and international activities and organizations.

Students who pursue a graduate degree in agricultural education work in a variety of contextual settings upon graduation including teacher education, extension education, agricultural communications, leadership education, distance education, and international agricultural development. These programs also provide development of professional communications skills for related careers in agribusiness, government service, education, and extension.

Degrees Offered

The department offers the following graduate degrees: Master of Science in Agricultural Communications, Master of Science in Agricultural Education, Doctor of Philosophy, and Doctor of Education.

  • The Master of Science in Agricultural Communications is designed to prepare students for entry into or advancement in a variety of mass media, marketing, and public relations positions.
  • The Master of Science in Agricultural Education prepares graduates for teaching, research, extension, leadership, and administrative positions in the public and private sectors.
  • The Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Communications and Education is a resident degree designed to prepare students for a future career as a faculty member.
  • The Doctor of Education in Agricultural Education is available as an on-campus or distance-delivered program.

For all graduate degree programs, people-oriented (social science) studies in agricultural education and communications are combined with coursework in technical and scientific areas to prepare students for educational and leadership positions in the broad field of agricultural sciences and natural resources.

Students in the master's degrees can decide to be on the thesis or non-thesis track.

Student Organization

The Agricultural Education and Communications Graduate Student Organization provides leadership opportunities, research exchange, and educational and social activities for graduate students within the department.

Graduate Student Handbook

Find more specific information and details about the department's graduate student program in the Agricultural Education & Communications Graduate Student Handbook.

For More Information

For additional information about the department and graduate programs, please contact the departmental graduate studies coordinator, Dr. Courtney Meyers (courtney.meyers@ttu.edu).