Texas Tech University

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantship positions are part-time positions within the Department that serve to support the functions and activities of the Department and provide an income while you complete your graduate degree. These 20 hour/week positions will provide a monthly salary and partial relief of tuition and fees (including a wavier of out-of-state tuition). In addition to a salary, graduate assistants are provided an office space and desktop computer to complete their assistantship duties as well as their coursework.

Types of Assistantship Positions

The Department has three types of assistantship positions. The yearly availability of these positions is dependent upon funding with the number of positions varying from year-to-year. In addition, the amount and difficulty of the tasks increase for doctoral-level assistantships.

Research Assistantship

A graduate student would be employed in support of the research faculty and funded projects that may include activities in a laboratory, in a field, computer work, or such other activities as may assist research effort.

Teaching Assistantship

A graduate student would be employed in support of the teaching mission of the department which include a variety of classroom and laboratory activities.

Administrative Assistantship

A graduate student would assist with internal departmental activities and/or work related to outside-the-department service functions (such as teacher workshops) which utilizes knowledge and skills beyond undergraduate academic studies.

Who Gets a Position

Assistantship positions are jobs; they are not scholarships and are not given on the basis of financial need. As such, we try to hire the person who will be best able to complete the tasks of the available assistantship position.

To ensure that you receive full consideration for every assistantship position, it will be helpful for the faculty to know you & your knowledge, skills, experiences, and even your potential for growth. As such, we ask that students who wish to be considered for an assistantship position also submit a portfolio as part of their application.

If you were not an undergraduate student in the Department, you are strongly encouraged to visit the department as part of your application process. This will provide you the opportunity to not only meet the faculty and confirm your decision to apply but will allow the faculty the opportunity to get to know you beyond your application materials.

The decision to offer an assistantship position to an admitted graduate student is made by the faculty member who possesses the position (e.g. as a result of a research grant). The actual offer of an assistantship position cannot be made prior to the student's admission to the graduate program as per Graduate School procedures. As such, beginning your application as soon as possible is important when desiring an assistantship position. For additional information, contact Dr. Courtney Meyers, Graduate Studies Coordinator, Department of Agricultural Education & Communications, Texas Tech University, Box 42131, Lubbock, TX 79409-2131, (806) 742-2816.