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Scott Burris, Ph.D.

Dr. Burris began at Texas Tech University in 2005 and specializes in agricultural education. Burris has worked closely with the teacher preparation program in the department, teaching undergraduate courses and supervising student teachers. Burris also served as graduate program coordinator and teaches courses in the department's graduate programs.

Dr. Burris is passionate about teaching at Texas Tech. He is the recipient of the Chancellor's Council Distinguished Teaching Award, the CASNR Teaching Award, and the President's Excellence in Teaching Award. Burris currently serves as the chair of the executive committee for the TTU Teaching Academy.

His experiences as a practicing secondary teacher have shaped and molded his interests in post-secondary education. His research focus is in teaching and learning, specifically in delivery methods of instruction and in teacher development. Burris has received the Distinguished Research Award from the American Association of Agricultural Education, Western Region. He also received the President's Mid-Career Faculty Award and was recognized as an Integrated Scholar at Texas Tech.

He earned his B.S. in interdisciplinary agriculture from Texas Tech University and M.S. and Ph.D. in agricultural education from the University of Missouri.

Contact Dr. Burris at 806-834-8689 or scott.burris@ttu.edu.

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