Texas Tech University

Distance Doctoral Degree

Agricultural Education Doctoral Degree

The Doctor of Education in agricultural education degree program builds on previous undergraduate and graduate courses along with their life experiences (including three years of related work experiences). It is designed to develop independent and critical thinking. Emphasis is placed on selecting courses and experiences that lead to a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of agricultural education and/or agricultural communications, a supporting field, and methods of research and statistics.

Please see the detailed degree plan here.

  • This degree program requires a minimum of 72 semester hours of graduate coursework beyond the baccalaureate degree along with the development of a dissertation.
  • At or near the end of coursework, the student will take a qualifying written examination consisting of eight hours for Agricultural Education, four hours for Research, Evaluation, and Statistics; and four hours for the Supporting Field.
  • No more than one week after the written examination, the student will take an oral qualifying examination. Both of these examinations will be administered by the student's advisory committee (consisting of at least three members of the graduate faculty).
  • After completion of the dissertation, the student will present and defend a dissertation.