Texas Tech University

Online Master's Degrees

Our department offers two master's degrees – Agricultural Communications and Agricultural Education. The length of time to complete the degree depends on how many classes students choose to complete each semester. Additionally, students can choose to complete the master's degree on the thesis (30 hours) or non-thesis (36 hours) track.

  • Students in the thesis track will work with their graduate committee to design, propose, and complete a comprehensive, original research project. This is the preferred option for on-campus students in assistantship roles. 
  • In coordination with their graduate committee, students in the non-thesis track will complete a comprehensive project or exam. This could be a journal article, needs assessment, small research project, internship (with objectives), educational product development, or an oral exam. The non-thesis track is most popular for online students.

Agricultural Communications

The Master of Science in Agricultural Communications is designed to prepare graduates for entry into or advancement in a variety of media, marketing, and public relations positions. This program also provides development of professional communications skills for related careers in agribusiness, government service, education, and extension. This master's degree provides a flexible program, which can be tailored to meet each student's unique situation. Specialization areas such as online marketing, digital media, and public relations are also available through cooperation with the College of Media and Communication. 

Please see the detailed curriculum for the M.S. in Agricultural Communications.

Agricultural Education

The Master of Science in Agricultural Education is designed to prepare graduates for teaching, research, extension, leadership, and administrative positions in the public and private sectors. Students in this master's program focus on a core of agricultural education courses along with an emphasis in educational/training program development, evaluation, teaching/training methods, leadership development, and interpersonal communication. 

Please see the detailed curriculum for the M.S. in Agricultural Education.