Texas Tech University

A&S Temporary Designations

Undeclared and Temporary Designations

Students may enroll in Texas Tech under a temporary designation if they are not prepared to declare a major and have fewer than 45 earned hours, however:

  • State law requires that students with over 45 earned hours declare a major within the following 2 semesters.
  • Indecision can be costly. Students who don't declare a major may be ineligible for scholarships or other financial aid.
  • Temporary designations are not majors and therefore do not offer degree programs. A student cannot graduate with a degree in any temporary designation (e.g. Bachelors of Arts in PreLaw or Bachelor of Science in Pre-Medicine).
  • Students who are not already in the College of Arts & Sciences must have a TTU GPA of 2.0 in order to move into any Arts and Sciences temporary designation.

Students should discuss with their academic advisor which majors are appropriate for their goals.

Arts & Sciences Undeclared (ASUD)

This designation is ideal for students who are considering majors in the College of Arts and Sciences but are not ready to declare a major.

Students must request an appointment from the ASUD advisor every semester before registration.

PreLaw (PLAW)

This designation is ideal for students who would like to pursue Law School after graduation, but are not ready to declare an undergraduate major. Visit the PreLaw Program page or email prelaw@ttu.edu to learn more about PreLaw events and useful resources.

Students must request an appointment from the PLAW advisor every semester before registration.

Pre-Professional Health Careers (PPHC)

Students may select a temporary designation in Pre-Medicine, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Nursing, or other Pre-Professional Health designations in preparation for entering a professional health program. Contact a PPHC Advisor for information about the PPHC designations, or learn more about PPHC events and useful resources on the PPHC website.