Texas Tech University

TechASM Membership

To Become a Member of TechASM there are three main components that must be completed to be considered a full member and be eligible for funding: membership to the American Society for Microbiologist (ASM), volunteer service hours, and lab manual sale.

Member of ASM

Each member is required to be a member of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) or the Texas Branch of ASM. Student membership to ASM can be purchased from https://www.asm.org/. Receipt or proof of membership must be emailed to the TechASM secretary.

Volunteer Service Hours

Each member is required to complete 5 hours of approved volunteer, university or community activities (examples include but not limited to: tutoring, recycling, fundraising activities) per academic year. In addition, each member must participate in at least two Tech ASM sponsored functions per year. Acceptable activities will be determined by the officers and faculty advisor of TechASM.

Lab Manual Sales

Each member is required to participate in 5 hours of manual sales per academic year with at least 2 hours in the fall semester.

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