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Online/Distance Courses

The Biological Sciences Department is excited to have multiple online opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students. We offer several online/distance courses in various formats to allow for flexibility for all of our students. 

Course Formats

Face to Face (FACE) is the traditional instructional method for students who attend a course in a TTU physical classroom (Lubbock, Waco or Satellite campus). During instruction, the student is physically located in the same place as the instructor. The Biological Sciences department offers courses physically in Lubbock, as well as on the Waco and Junction satelilite campuses.

Hybrid (HYBRID) sections combine face to face instruction with online learning between 51% and 84% of a hybrid course is completed online and the rest is scheduled on a physical campus.

Online Synchronous (SYNC) require zero mandatory face to face in the classroom, but is interactive or two-way learning that happens in real time with an instructor.

Online Asynchronous (ASYNC) requires zero mandatory face to face in the classroom, and learning occurs virtually through prepared resources, without real-time instructor-led interaction.


Undergraduate Courses

The Biological Sciences Department offers a variety of online courses in various formats, please check RaiderLink for current semester offerings. *Note: Some courses are restricted to distance students only. The following are the courses regularly offered online:

  • BIOL 1305/BIOL 1113 - Ecology & Environmental Problems/Environmental Problems Lab (Summer)
  • BIOL 1401 - Biology of Plants (Summer/Fall)
  • BIOL 1402 - Biology of Animals (Spring)*
  • BIOL 2202 - Interdisciplinary Science Issues (Fall/Spring)
  • BIOL 3304 - Human Genetics (Fall)
  • BIOL 3305 - Organic Evolution (Spring)
  • BIOL 3320 - Cell Biology (Spring)
  • BIOL 3393 - Tropical Marine Biology (Spring - Even years)
  • ZOOL 2403 - Anatomy and Physiology I (Fall/Spring/Summer)
  • ZOOL 2404 - Anatomy and Physiology II (Fall/Spring/Summer)
  • ZOOL 3303 - Pathophysiology (Fall/Spring/Summer)
  • ZOOL 3406 - Comparative Invertebrate Zoology (Fall - Odd years)
  • ZOOL 4311 - Medical Entomology (Summer)
  • ZOOL 4321 - Insect Diversity (Spring - Odd years)

Graduate Courses

  • BIOL 5000 - Professional Internship (PSM)
  • BIOL 5313 - Advanced Medical Entomology (Summer)
  • BIOL 6301 - Reconciliation Ecology (Summer)
  • BIOL 6309 - Advanced Topics in Quantitative Biology: Biostatistics in R (Fall)
  • BIOL 6360 - Environmental Sustainability (Fall)
  • BIOL 6361 - Ecology and Ecosystems (Spring)
  • ZOOL 5406 - Advanced Invertebrate Zoology (Fall - Odd years)
  • ZOOL 5421 - Ecological Entomology (Spring - Odd years)




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