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Dylan Schwilk

Associate Professor

Email: dylan.schwilk@ttu.edu

Phone: 1(806)834-0902

  • B.A., Biology and English & Comparative Literary Studies. Occidental College (1996)
  • Ph.D. Ecology and Evolution, Stanford University (2002)

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I am accepting both Master's and Ph.D. applicants. More information here.


Research Interests

I study plant ecology and evolution using field and garden experiments, comparative evolutionary methods, and theoretical models. My lab's projects include investigations into plant flammability and community assembly, the role of flammability in plant evolution, and the water relations and fire ecology of plants in arid lands. More details are available at www.schwilk.org

I am currently accepting both Master's and Ph.D. students.

Selected Publications

  • Schwilk, D.W. and A. Caprio. 2011. Scaling from leaf traits to fire behaviour: community composition predicts fire severity in a temperate forest.Journal of Ecology. 99: 970-980.
  • Morlon, H., D.W. Schwilk, J.A. Bryant, P.A. Marquet, A.G. Rebelo,C. Tauss, B.J.M. Bohannan and J.L. Green. 2011. Spatial patterns of phylogenetic diversityin mediterranean type ecosystems.Ecology Letters. 14: 141-149.
  • Schwilk, D.W., J.E. Keeley, E.E. Knapp, J. McIver, J.D. Bailey, C.J. Fettig, C.E. Fiedler, R.J. Harrod, J.J. Moghaddas, K.W. Outcalt, C.N. Skinner, S.L. Stephens, T.A. Waldrop, D.A. Yaussy, and A. Youngblood. 2009. The National Fire and Fire Surrogate Study: effects of fuel reduction methods on forest vegetation structure and fuels.Ecological Applications.19: 285-304..
  • Schwilk, D.W., E. Knapp, S. Ferrenberg, J.E. Keeley and A.C. Caprio. 2006. Tree mortality from fire and bark beetles following early and late season prescribed fires in a Sierra Nevada mixed-conifer forest.Forest Ecology and Management 232:36-45.
  • Ackerly, D.D., D.W. Schwilk, and C.O. Webb. 2006. Niche evolution and adaptive radiation: testing the order of trait divergence.Ecology 87: S50-S61 (Special Issue on Phylogenetics and Community Ecology).
  • Cornwell, W.K., D.W. Schwilk, and D.D. Ackerly. 2006. A trait-based test for habitat filtering: convex hull volume.Ecology 87:1465-1471.
  • Schwilk, D. W. and D. D. Ackerly. 2005. Limiting similarity and functional diversity along environmental gradients.Ecology Letters 8:272-281.
  • Schwilk, D. W. 2003. Flammability is niche construction: canopy architecture affects fire intensity.American Naturalist 162:725-733.
  • Schwilk, D. W. and D. D. Ackerly. 2001. Flammability and serotiny as strategies: correlated evolution in pines.Oikos 94: 326-336.
  • Schwilk, D.W., J.E. Keeley and W.J. Bond. 1997. The intermediate disturbance hypothesis does not explain fire and diversity pattern in fynbos. Plant Ecology 32: 77-84.
  • Complete publication list and PDFs available at Dr. Schwilk's publications page.

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