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Science Teachers Association of Texas (STAT)

Science Teachers Association of Texas (STAT)

The Science Teachers Association of Texas (STAT) provides opportunities for K-12 teachers, college educators, science supervisors, and others dedicated to achieving the highest standards for science education in our schools to network, build quality programs and grow professionally as educators. STAT supports educators through journals, affiliations and the Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching (CAST), an annual fall conference hosted by STAT.

To get details on the organization, membership or CAST, go to www.statweb.org

CISER has a proud record of teaming with STAT through leadership positions, awards and the hosting of the Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching (CAST) in 1999. We co-sponsor a distinguished award, the Skoog Cup, named after Dr. Gerald Skoog, given annually in recognition of excellence in working with teachers. CISER has led the way in establishing a strong infrastructure for science education through our seamless community that has provided leadership opportunities and recognition for educators.

Officers and Leadership

Officers and Leadership
President Vice President Secretary Region XVII Director
Gerald Skoog
1975 – 1976
Ross Ann Hill
2009 – 2010
Ross Ann Hill
2008 – 2009
Cathy Box
1997 – 2012
Ross Ann Hill
2011 – 2012
Sarah Anderson
2008 – 2009
Jo Anne Jackson
2011 – 2012
Susan Talkmitt
1990 – 1996
Outstanding Science Teacher Awards
Elementary Middle School High School Rookie Teacher
2010 Samantha Von Hoene 2012 Aimee Ayers 2012 Lara Holbert 2012 Kelsey Slaughter
2006 Amy Hill 2010 Melissa Duncan 2009 Lisa Dalton 2006 Kara Webb
2002 Beverly Day 2006 Nancy Schunke 2008 Brad Neu 2005 Marianne Dobrovolny
2001 Teresa Reed 2004 Ross Ann Hill 2006 Sarah Anderson 2002 Kathy Tutak
  2002 Sandra Chitwood 2002 Dena Carpenter  
    2001 Cathy Box  
    1999 Myrna Parsons  
Skoog Cup Award Presidential Award
for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching
2012 Dr. Louis Jacobs 2004 Brad Neu
2011 David Lamp 2005 Nancy Schunke
2007 Susan Talkmitt 1999 Jean Durrett
1999 Gerald Skoog