Texas Tech University

Faculty Development

Dr. Bernal

The CISER Science Education Program at CISER is committed to long-term current, new, and future faculty development. Our support extends to many faculty, and includes support to:

1) enhance the Graduate Teaching Scholars (GTS) and Postdoctoral Teaching Scholars (PTS) programs by increasing peer mentoring and interaction. Both programs emphasize interaction with and mentoring by outstanding TTU teaching faculty, with the objective of contributing to the next generation of university instructors;

Note: One example of work produced in this program by Graduate Teaching Scholar Amanda Arner is a website based around sharing her fieldwork experience with K-12 students.

2) provide faculty an opportunity to mentor undergraduate research, technology and science education scholars during the academic year and summer;

3) provide summer salary support for the program director and two associate program directors, all of whom are tenured faculty;

4) support the West Texas Association for Women in Science (WT-AWIS) chapter by facilitating the efforts of the executive board, the majority of whom are recently hired junior female faculty, post-docs and graduate students;

5) support Science, It's a Girl Thing (SIGT) with funds for Dr. Ximena Bernal, TTU Department of Biological Sciences faculty, and Dr. Donna Hamilton, SIGT Instructors.