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The TTU Spanish Program


Do you want to connect with the 41 million people in the U.S. and the 450 million people world-wide who speak Spanish? Are you eager to experience diverse cultures, from Guatemala to Argentina, Spain to Equatorial New Guinea?

A Spanish Major or Minor will connect you with this vibrant array of cultures and peoples. A Spanish degree from TTU will also expand your career opportunities and provide you with study and working abroad opportunities. What's more, studying Spanish helps you develop your abilities in interpersonal communication, presentational skills, writing, and intercultural competence. Open doors both internationally and locally and develop the skills to advance in a variety of professions—business, teaching, interpretation & translation, community advocacy, bilingual medical professionals, international diplomacy, and many more.

A TTU Spanish Major offers four concentrations:

  • Literatures and Cultures of the Spanish-Speaking World
  • Hispanic Linguistics
  • Spanish in a Global Context
  • Spanish for the Professions

Spanish Major Requirements

Total credits: 30 hours at 2000-level and above

SPAN 2301 & 2302 (or 2607 or CLEP test, or AP credit) 6 credits
SPAN 3305* (Grammar) 3 credits
Two of three Introduction to Hispanic Literatures, Cultures, and Linguistics:
SPAN 3306* (Culture)
SPAN 3307* (Literature)
SPAN 3308* (Linguistics) or 3318* (Sounds of Spanish)
6 credits
SPAN 4305 (Advanced Grammar) 3 credits
Three additional 4000-level courses 9 credits
One additional 3000- or 4000-level course 3 credits
  Total = 30 credits
*- Fulfills communication literacy requirement  



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Graduate Studies


Study Abroad


Stephanie Santos
Academic Advisor

Dr. George Cole
Director of Graduate Studies