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First Year at Texas Tech-CR

Students in class

Texas Tech University-Costa Rica may be the right choice for you if you are planning to study in the United States but want to spend your first year in Costa Rica.

At Texas Tech-CR, it's easy to enroll in first- and second-year courses to make progress toward your degree, even if you're planning to transfer to the States. Our admissions and advising staff will be happy to help you craft a schedule of courses that are generally transferable.

Course Offerings

If you want to stay for a semester or two, you can complete several courses that should transfer easily to another institution. For example, college rhetoric and writing, chemistry, math, etc.

If you know of the university where you plan to complete your degree or the major you wish to enroll in, we can give you personalized assistance so that the courses you take at Texas Tech meet your target university's requirements. Please contact us at info.costarica@ttu.edu or via WhatsApp or phone call at +506 8414 4554.