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First Year at Texas Tech-CR

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Texas Tech University-Costa Rica may be the right choice for you if you are planning to go abroad but your plans have been delayed. Visit our admissions process page to start your journey to become a Red Raider. You can also start by downloading our application checklist here. We will provide you a semester or a full academic year of courses that will help you progress toward your degree when you eventually do go abroad. Know that our admissions and advising staff will be happy to help you craft a set of first-year courses that are generally transferable.

Course Offerings

If you stay just for a semester or two, you can complete several courses that should transfer easily to another institution. If you know of the university where you plan to complete your degree or the major you wish to enroll in, we can give you personalized assistance so that the courses you take at Texas Tech meet your target university's requirements. Please contact us at infocostarica@ttu.edu or via WhatsApp or phone call at +506 8791 2602.

As an example, here is a typical course schedule for a first-year university student, with specific, transferable Texas Tech courses. You can also download the document in Spanish here.

Tuition Information

Texas Tech University-Costa Rica offers the opportunity to take classes as a full-time or part-time student. Tuition is determined by the number of credit hours a student takes per semester. Each credit hour costs $612, and the number of credits varies per course. See below for examples.

Credit Hours per Semester Tuition Estimate
9 credits $5,508
12 credits $7,344
15 credits $9,180

Additional fees per semester (required):

Student Services Fee $181
Insurance $57
Prices include tax.

We are here to help you invest in your future career. Texas Tech University-Costa Rica offers a variety of financial options to assist you in achieving your educational goals. Scholarships are also available, visit this page for more information: https://info.ttu-cr.com/scholarships

  • Banco Promerica's Premia U
  • Banco Promerica's student credit/loan with mortgage guarantee
  • Banco Promerica's student credit/loan with fiduciary guarantee
  • Banco Nacional's Tasa 0% financing (3, 4, and 6 months)
  • Banco Nacional's student credit/loan with mortgage guarantee
  • CONAPE (Comisión Nacional de Préstamos para la Educación)