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Have you ever felt proud of an assignment you produced for school? Ever wished someone besides your teacher might see your work?

At Texas Tech-Costa Rica, all students are expected to reach a high standard of writing. When a student's essay is especially good, our English faculty invites them to publish it here on our Student Blog.

Read and enjoy the following examples of outstanding student writing.

Unveiling the Introvert's World

by Ezequiel Buck Martínez

An introvert can struggle in social situations. If you are patient with us, however, an introvert can be your most loyal friend. Read more.

A Journey of Self-Acceptance

by Keisy Núñez Fallas

Queer people have been misunderstood and shut down, but we have as much place in society as anyone else. Read more.

Puerto Rico and the Problem of Linguistic Shaming

by Giovanni Chavarría Álvarez

We should learn about different cultures, reduce uninformed stereotypes, and pay attention to our attitudes toward others who speak differently. Read more.

Perfectionism: A Double-Edged Sword

by Juan Sebastián Mora Martínez

Perfectionists need to find a balance between striving for greatness and maintaining mental health. Read more.

Musings on the “Straight-A Student” Label

by Sabrina Gabriela Guilarte Castillo

Top students cannot be standardized by a stereotype. Sometimes we want the “imperfect” parts of ourselves seen, accepted, and genuinely appreciated. Read more.

We Need Discourse, Not Discord

by José Umaña Campos

Knowledge and reasoning are what make us human, but it is vital that we are clear about what we are advocating for. As part of the reasoning process, we should willingly hear what others have to say. Read more.

Loneliness and Standardized Marriage

by María Paula Cedeño

We cannot simply tell young people to stop feeling lonely. Rather, as a society, we must change our attitudes about the supposed importance of monogamous romantic relationships. Read more.