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At TTU-Costa Rica, we are committed to making sure that all our new students get set up for success from day one. One of the ways we ensure that our incoming students get started on the right foot is through placement exams.


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For all our incoming students who either didn't take the SAT, or who did not achieve sufficient scores on the SAT, the TSI Assessment in English and mathematics is required in order to enroll in regular first-semester classes. This test, required by Texas Tech University, assures that students are able to undertake university-level work in these key subjects. Other than sufficient SAT scores, the only way to be exempt from the TSI Assessment is by demonstrating sufficient performance in previously taken college level courses. If you are unsure if your SAT scores are sufficient for exemption, you can contact our Academic Advisor (Sofia Fuentes, s.fuentes@ttu.edu).

Engineering Students. For incoming engineering students who are required to enroll in math and chemistry, placement exams are re- quired for both of these subjects. These placement tests will determine the chemistry and math courses you enroll in during your first semester at TTU-Costa Rica. In order to schedule a placement exam, please contact our Academic Advisor (Sofia Fuentes, s.fuentes@ttu.edu).

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