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At TTU-Costa Rica, we are committed to making sure that all our new students get set up for success from day one. One of the ways we ensure that our incoming students get started on the right foot is through placement exams.


Members of the Diversity and Inclusion Raider Association (DIRA) work together to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students at the Texas Tech-Costa Rica campus. They facilitate a safe space for our diverse community and increase awareness by engaging the broader student community in dynamic activities.


Sustainability Gurus

This student organization is dedicated to increasing awareness of sustainability issues and, when needed, changing student perspectives. The Sustainability Gurus work together with Texas Tech-Costa Rica staff to achieve energy conservation and green engineering campus goals.


Student Council

This organization is a branch of the Student Government Association (SGA) on the Lubbock campus. Our student leaders work to better the Texas Tech-Costa Rica college experience through student life activities, fundraisers, and community programs. Student Council mem- bers work directly with Texas Tech-Costa Rica leadership and act as the voice of the local student body.


Robotics Club

This student organization is led by Electrical Engineering Professor Juan Carlos Rojas. Mem- bers learn about introductory robotics, receive design thinking workshops, and participate in challenges and competitions among themselves and with other universities.


Disability Center

Student Services works closely with Student Disability Services (SDS) at Texas Tech Lubbock to provide a va- riety of accommodations and services for individuals with different learning needs. The accommodations will be made in response to the specific disability. We encourage students to use the SDS to succeed; we want each Red Raider to attain their academic, career and personal goals

Disability Center

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