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Who We Are

Texas Tech University-Costa Rica brings the academic resources of a major, research-intensive U.S. university to Latin America. At the university's satellite campus in San José, students benefit from comprehensive academic and student life experiences. Texas Tech University-CR puts its graduates on the path to be leaders who can build the economy of Costa Rica and the greater Caribbean basin.

At Texas Tech-CR, the full university experience of one of the USA's great public universities is available in an intimate, student-centered setting. Graduates are prepared to compete globally through academic and co-curricular programs that are accessible and, for regional students, less expensive than relocating to the U.S.A. for an equivalent educational experience.

Moreover, through executive education and applied research, Texas Tech University's engagement in the region amplifies and expands Costa Rica's identity as a regional hub for industry, R&D, and services.


Degrees, Diplomas,
and Accreditation

The programs delivered at Texas Tech University-Costa Rica are identical to degrees on the home campus in Texas. Overseen by the colleges and departments in Lubbock, the curriculum is delivered using the same outcomes, academic standards, and syllabus design. The diplomas awarded to students in Costa Rica are identical to those awarded in the United States, being recognized by Texas Tech's U.S. accreditor. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) extended Texas Tech's accreditation to the instructional programs delivered at its site in Costa Rica (Texas Tech-CR) in 2019.


Student Life, Co-Curriculum, Career Education

With oversight from the home campus, Texas Tech University-Costa Rica is committed to students' holistic development through inspiring co-curricular and extra-curricular programs. Academic and professional preparation in the disciplines is coupled with learning experiences outside the classroom. The elected Student Government Association partners with student life professionals to promote a vibrant campus life. Students' career pathways are supported through community service, internships, and work-and-study programing. Texas Tech-CR educates the whole person through experiential learning and leadership experiences that prepare graduates for an engaged and fulfilling life.


English-Medium Education

A key outcome of the Texas Tech-CR experience is the refinement and perfection of students' English. All academic instruction and student life activities at our Costa Rica satellite campus, as at any U.S. institution, are carried out in the English language. We focus especially on students' academic and professional fluency. Students prepare for the globalized workplace through total English immersion while on campus.


Beginnings and the Partnership

Aiming to make high-quality U.S. education available to students in the region, the Promérica Group partnered with Texas Tech University to establish its first overseas campus. In 2016, campus construction began at Avenida Escazú, a mixed-use complex in the western suburbs of San José. In May 2018, the Texas Tech-Costa Rica (TTU-CR) campus was inaugurated. The following fall, TTU-CR welcomed its first students.

With the mission of bringing progress and change through education, Texas Tech University and Promérica Group are proud to have launched the first U.S. degree-granting institution in Costa Rica.


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