Texas Tech University

Knowledge Representation Lab: Software

This page contains links to the software developed by the KRLab. (Notice that some of the links will take you to the home page of the member who developed the software.)

  • A-Circuit (A-Prolog based tool for the analysis of electrical circuits)
  • ACSolver (ASP-CLP(R))
  • ADSolver (ASP + Diff constraints)
  • AIA Demo System
  • ALM-to-ASP Translator (translator from modular action language ALM to ASP)
  • APLAgent Manager (implementation of our intelligent agent loop with graphical interface)
  • ASET-Solver (inference engine for ASET-Prolog)
  • crmodels (inference engine for CR-Prolog)
  • MKAtoms (output formatting utility for smodels, dlv, and cmodels)
  • Multimorbidity A demo system on applying ASP to the reasoning task for patients with multimorbidity.
  • P-log (inference engine for P-log, the extension of A-Prolog for probabilistic reasoning)
  • QSystem (interface to run Prolog-like queries on A-Prolog programs)
  • RCS/USA-Advisor (system description and links to download the complete system)
  • RCS/USA-Advisor (A-Prolog source code)
  • Romeo (parallel implementation of the smodels algorithm) is available upon request to the author.
  • RSig (extension of lparse allowing the specification of modules and signatures)
  • SAG (SAT-based answer set solver)
  • SPARC (Sorted ASP with Consistency Restoring Rules) New!
  • Surya (inference engine for A-Prolog with choice rules)

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