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2021-2022: Year 2 Teacher Trainer Photos

As part of the project's outreach and engagement, Project TEDD participants are required to train other individuals in their school districts about dual diagnosis. The pictures below were submitted by project participants in ESC Regions 1-5 who completed their district training during the 2021-2022 academic year.

Bonnie Hybner and ESC 2 educators

Ms. Bonnie Hybner trained 9 educators in Aransas County ISD (ESC 2) on behavior and academic supports for students with dual diagnosis.

Cristina Salinas and ESC 4 trainees

Educators in Texas City ISD (ESC 4) learned about the characteristics of dual diagnosis with Ms. Christina Salinas.

Cynthia Gourley and Cassandra Lafayette presenting content modules

Two special education teachers, Ms. Cynthia Gourley and Ms. Cassandra Lafayette, trained together in Sheldon ISD (ESC 4) and presented content from all six training modules to 11 colleagues.

Heather Smith providing training to educators at Calvine Nelms Charter School

Ms. Heather Smith was able to share information on dual diagnosis and behavior support strategies to 17 educators at Calvin Nelms Charter School (ESC 4).

Mandy Gandesbery and trainee educators

Special education teacher, Ms. Mandy Gandesbery, trained 7 educators in Ingleside ISD about dual diagnosis.

Franklyn Kornn presenting dial diagnosis training to 20 educators

Mr. Franklyn Kornn, a special education teacher at Cleveland ISD (ESC 4), presented information on identification and referral considerations for students with dual diagnosis to 20 teachers in his school district.

Rhonda Morales trains 13 educators in ESC 3

Ms. Rhonda Morales, special education teacher in Edna ISD, successfully trained 13 educators across the Jackson County Special Services Cooperative (ESC 3)!

Anabel Hinojosa and colleagues

Special education teacher, Ms. Anabel Hinojosa, presented information about dual diagnosis to five of her colleagues in Sharyland ISD (ESC 1).

Morgan Milligan teaches 7 teachers in ESC 5

Ms. Morgan Milligan, special education teacher, trained seven teachers in Little Cypress Mauriceville ISD (ESC 5) on best practices for behavior and academic supports.

Caitlin Molbert trains 5 Nederland ISD teachers

Nederland ISD (ESC 5) special education teacher, Ms. Caitlin Molbert, trained five of her colleagues on dual diagnosis.

Maisie Benoit teaches 17 teachers in Port Neches-Groves ISD

Ms. Maisie Benoit educated 17 teachers in Port Neches-Groves ISD (ESC 5) about working with students with dual diagnosis!

Tamela Hebert teaches 7 teachers in Port Arthur ISD

Ms. Tamela Hebert in Port Arthur ISD (ESC 5) trained seven special education teachers about dual diagnosis.

Bellanira Arias presents to 10 teachers in Robstown ISD

Ms. Bellanira Arias, special education teacher, presented an overview of dual diagnosis to 10 educators in Robstown ISD (ESC 2).

Ms. Wengler teaches in ESC 3

Ms. Angela Wengler, special education teacher, trained six individuals on dual diagnosis in El Campo ISD (ESC 3).

Ms Aguilar teaches in ESC 3

Special education teacher, Ms. Stephanie Aguilar, trained five colleagues in Goliad ISD (ESC 3) on academic supports for students with dual diagnosis.

Ms. Spaeth teaches in ESC 3

Ms. DaLissa Spaeth, elementary special education teacher, also trained her colleagues in Goliad ISD (ESC 3) on working with students with dual diagnosis.

Ms Diaz teaches in ESC 3

Special education teacher, Ms. Gail Diaz, was able to train six educators in Bishop CISD (ESC 2) about the identification and referral of students suspected of having a dual diagnosis.

Mis Jemenez teaches in ESC 1

Ms. Aurelia Jimenez, special education teacher, presented information about dual diagnosis to six colleagues and parents in San Benito CISD (ESC 1).

Ms. Martinez and cohort in ESC 5

Special education teacher, Ms. Alisha Martinez, successfully trained five educators in Little Cypress Mauriceville CISD (ESC 5).

Ms. MIller and cohort in ESC 5

Ms. Brandi Miller, special education teacher, presented information about dual diagnosis to six teachers in Silsbee ISD (ESC 5).

Ms. McMahon in ESC 2

Ms. Roxanne McMahon, educational diagnostician, trained five other educators about dual diagnosis in Flour Bluff ISD (ESC 2).

Ms. West in ESC 2

Ms. Alice West, adaptive education teacher in Corpus Christi ISD (ESC 2), trained a total of 30 individuals about dual diagnosis!

Mr. Sifuentes's trainees in ESC 1

Mr. Federico Sifuentes, special education teacher and coach in Lyford ISD (ESC 1), was able to train five fellow educators about dual diagnosis.

Project TEDD: Training Educators in Dual Diagnosis