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What Educators Are Saying About Project TEDD

“This training provided a new perspective on student behavior and how to approach the needs of the students we serve in a more holistic manner. Often the mental health needs of our most vulnerable students are overlooked due to a lack of understanding and training. Project TEDD seeks to remedy this debilitating lack of education by training trainers throughout the state of Texas that can take the information to their entire districts, especially leadership and special education staff. I'm appreciative of the new information and insight."

- Ruth Rohrbach

“As a special education teacher with extensive experience with dual diagnosis students, I am really pleased with the resources presented in a topic that few educators and administrators have experience with. I have learned so much more than I thought possible!”

- Mai-Ya'el Forbus

“Thank you for the opportunity to participate in Project TEDD! I am looking forward to training individuals within my district!”

- Maisie Benoit

“The information learned in this training will improve our job working with special education students, families, and teachers.”

- Bellanira Arias Flores

“This program is a step in the right direction in providing the much needed supports and trainings -- not only to our district and region -- but the entire state of Texas. This program will help us identify students with dual diagnosis and provide trainings for behavior and academic supports -- all while creating a more collaborative team of families and professionals. I look forward to sharing what I have learned through Project TEDD with my colleagues so that we may better serve our students and community.”

- Kristina Cranick

“The training provided by Project TEDD was both informative and very professionally organized. Having members of the faculty of Texas Tech there only added to just how important this project is. I look forward to my participation in the program as well as training others in dual diagnosis.”

- Mary Huffsmith

"The Project TEDD Teacher Training Workshop was wonderfully informative and showed how students with disabilities who have challenging behaviors could also have mental health issues. The training was thorough and provided detailed information on identification, behavior intervention strategies, possible academic supports, crisis interventions, and referral procedures. I am encouraged to look beyond the student's disability and look at the specific behaviors as possible signs of mental health issues. I will look at more than the student's disability and work closely with the teachers and the LSSPs to make sure mental health issues are considered when determining behavior intervention plans, academic supports, and IEP goals."

- Stephani C.

"I feel like I will be more aware of the mental health aspects of our students. Assessing students with IDD can be difficult, but it is certainly possible. So many children do not have an advocate. I feel that it is our job as educators to advocate in a variety of areas for our students - not only their education, but their overall wellbeing."

- Courtney M.

"I really enjoyed all the resources we were given throughout the training. I am excited to go back and train a few people in my district!"

- Haley R.

"This was such an informative training. I'm so thankful that this information will be shared with so many people."

- Sherri M.

"I loved the resources, and that they are already made and ready to utilize."

- Mindy S.

Project TEDD: Training Educators in Dual Diagnosis