Texas Tech University

The Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities at Texas Tech University

Collegiate Recovery Community

Support Services

The CRC offers support in each of the four principles that lay the foundation for student growth and progress in recovery.

Continued Recovery:

  • Weekly seminars for academic credit for CRC members:
    • New Student
    • Returning Student
    • Eating Disorders
    • Graduating Seniors
  • Hosting Celebration of Recovery on Thursdays at 7pm
  • Nutrition seminars with our dietitian (RDN/LD)
  • Eating Disorder Support

Commitment to Academics:

  • Academic advising and counseling for all majors
  • Scholarships for CRC students
  • Summer study abroad opportunity
  • Holiday Scholarship Dinner for CRC members

Connected in Community:

  • Student organization the Association of Students About Service (ASAS)
  • Sober tailgating for select Texas Tech football games
  • Family weekend for CRC members
  • Suite style, sober dorm options
  • Group photo each fall and spring semester

Civility in Relationships:

  • Staff mentoring
  • Staff and peer accountability
  • Staff intervention if needed
  • Civility discussions in CRC Seminars

Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities Facility

The CRC facility houses offices, meeting rooms, and a lobby with delicious coffee offered daily. The building also includes a basement that is only accessible by CRC members, faculty, and staff. This area includes:

  • A meditation room
  • Student breakroom/kitchen
  • Computer lab with free printing
  • Study areas with plenty of seating and tables
  • Game room including ping pong tables, pool tables, arcade games, and a piano
  • TV lounge


Center for Students in Addiction Recovery