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School of Financial Planning Faculty Member Offers Advice for Financial Health and Wellness During the Holiday Season

Samantha Salazar

November 16, 2022

Financial Health and Wellness

Sonya Lutter, Director of Financial Health and Wellness, shares tips and tricks for dealing with financial insecurity during the holiday season

Sonya Lutter, Ph.D. CFP®, LMFT, was recently named the Director of Financial Health and Wellness for the School of Financial Planning. Her new role is part of the College of Human Sciences (COHS) initiative regarding health and wellness. She works to develop curriculum and education opportunities in financial psychology, therapy, and behavior. Lutter believes financial security can be reached regardless of financial standing and she has a few tips and tricks to feel stable in any financial circumstances. 

"Financial health and wellness, for me, is really finding fulfillment in your life as it relates to your personal financial situation," Lutter said. "It has very little to do with how much money you have in the bank or how much you make, and more about being content and fulfilled with what you have." 

The first tip Lutter shares to help remain content and stress-free this holiday season is to plan ahead. Lutter recommends that shoppers take a list to the store and stick to the items on their list. While shopping, she also recommends that people trust their gut.

"I know it seems a little bit cliche, but you need to pay attention to when your body is entering this heightened physiological stress state because you're not going to make good decisions when you are in that heightened stress state," Lutter said. "So find a way to recognize that this is not a good moment for you and just be okay with taking a break by yourself." 

Lastly, the most important advice Lutter has is for people to feel comfortable talking about their financial situation with loved ones. She finds that being comfortable looking at and talking about current financial situations allows for developing goals and properly utilizing current resources. Financial health and wellness lie with those who are content with where they stand and feel comfortable expressing themselves in uncomfortable situations. 

As Director of Financial Health and Wellness for the School of Financial Planning, Lutter is currently working on projects to help those struggling with anxiety and stress related to financial health and wellness. The School of Financial Planning is working alongside the College of Human Sciences to improve and enhance the human condition, including financial health and wellness of students and Lubbock community members.