Texas Tech University

Shannon Tebo Selected as College of Human Sciences Director of Advising and Retention

Samantha Salazar

November 3, 2022

Shannon Tebo

Tebo plans to increase retention among upperclassmen and support students beyond an academic standpoint

Shannon Tebo was recently named the new College of Human Sciences (COHS) director of advising and retention. Tebo previously served as an academic advisor for Baylor University and later accepted a role in leadership as assistant director of advisement in 2019. Tebo is excited to encourage and support her team and students. As the primary graduation coordinator for Human Sciences, she wants to see COHS students successfully graduate and grow as individuals.

 “I want to continue to provide support to students through resources we offer and referrals when appropriate,” Tebo said. “I hope to see our retention increase in following years and really take a deep dive into the success of our students and understanding how we can best support them beyond basic academics.”

Tebo was drawn to the director advising role because she has a longstanding love for working in higher education, specifically in the advising area. She is excited about the opportunity to positively impact students and make a difference with her team in their professional growth and goals. After considering other opportunities, Tebo felt her new role at Texas Tech was the best of both worlds as it allows her to help others succeed and grow professionally in leadership. 

“It has been the best experience joining the College of Human Sciences,” Tebo said. “I'm totally bought in, and I could feel the passion our faculty and staff have for our students from my initial conversations. It's hard to beat that feeling.” 

Moving forward, Tebo plans to foster a team of advisors that cares for their students on a personal level. She wants her team to serve as the face of the College of Human Sciences and remind students they can go to their advisors for anything. Tebo prides herself on her team's ability to help uncover students' questions and concerns beyond academics and refer them to the appropriate office/expert.

Tebo has quickly accustomed herself to her new role as director of advising and does not plan on slowing down anytime soon. She looks forward to aiding students in their walk to academic success and providing them with the necessary tools and resources to be successful. Tebo's primary focus is to build confidence among students in the College of Human Sciences. She wants her students to build autonomy in their personal and professional careers, which starts with teaching them how to be successful and take ownership of their education.