Texas Tech University

College of Human Sciences May 2022 Banner Bearer

Mallory Collins

April 25, 2022

Julia Brown

Julia Brown selected as spring banner bearer for May graduation ceremony

What is your major?

  • Bachelor of Science, Counseling Addiction Recovery Sciences
    Bachelor of Art, Psychology

What is your hometown?

  • I was born and raised here in Lubbock, Texas!

Why did you choose your major?

  • I chose to double major in Counseling Addiction Recovery Sciences and Psychology because serving and helping others has always been something I am passionate about. I knew I wanted to help others somehow in the mental health field and found that through both of my majors!

What stands out about the College of Human Sciences?

  • The College of Human Sciences has always been so welcoming and inviting! Since they are a smaller college, I have gotten a more personalized experience and 1 on 1 time with faculty, professors and my classmates. As well as they are a very diverse college and have provided us with amazing different perspectives to give us a well rounded education. My major is a great example of this. Through the addiction component, it has provided me with exposure to addiction, addiction counseling and recovery in addition to the mental health field as a whole. My professors have also been absolutely amazing in my major!

What does it feel like to be selected as the Banner Bearer for the College of Human Sciences?

  • Initially, I was very surprised to be nominated for Banner Bearer! However, I am over the moon excited about being selected as the Banner Bearer for the College of Human sciences. It is such an honor and I can't wait to represent my college during May commencement. This is not something I expected to get the chance to do during my time at Texas Tech.

How will the skills and knowledge that you have gained in the College of Human Sciences benefit your future?

  • The College of Human sciences has been fantastic at setting us up for success for our future careers, next step in our education journeys and helping us become better humans to be able to serve others. This College has truly exceeded their motto of “enhancing and improving
    the human condition”. As a CARS major, there is an experience component which is our practicum. The experience I gained through my practicum was such a precious time! It was great exposure to the field I was pursuing and direct contact with people in my community here in Lubbock. This experience truly helped direct me in the right direction for the type of counseling, career path I wanted to pursue and gave me the full confidence that I am exactly where I need to be.

What do you most enjoy or appreciate about the College of Human Sciences?

  • The many people on “my team” throughout my time in the College of Human Sciences. Each of my professors has had me several times which allowed for me to really experience one on one and allowed for each of them to get to know me personally. My professors and advisors are absolutely golden! Each person has been amazing and that is something I appreciate so much about my college! I don't think I would be where I am currently without each of them.

What are your career plans/next steps? 

  • I am thrilled to be continuing my education and obtaining my master's degree! I will be attending St. Edward's University this coming Fall in their Master of Arts in Counseling program. I am striving to be a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a focus in Art Therapy after completing my master's program. My dream is to have a private practice that serves people through a wide range of different approaches and services in the mental health field to be able to serve as many people in my community.