Texas Tech University

Student Works to Achieve Dream of Becoming a Registered Nurse while simultaneously Completing Dual-Degree in Nursing and Human Sciences

Matilda Beckanovic

February 21, 2022


Celina Gonzales is one of the many students completing the dual-degree in Human Sciences and Nursing at Texas Tech.

Celina Gonzales had no idea that when she came to Texas Tech that she would be able to achieve her lifelong dream of becoming a nurse and learn so much more by receiving a Dual-degree with the College of Human Sciences. 

“I did not hear about the dual degree in Human Sciences and Nursing program until I was already attending Texas Tech University as a Human Sciences major within the College of Human Sciences,” Gonzales said. “Dr. Ashley Brown informed me of this program in her Introduction to Human Sciences course. This program sounded too good to be true, but it is not and I recommend it to any current or prospective pre-nursing students.” 

Gonzales knew at a young age that she wanted to become a nurse when she grew up. Helping to raise her three nephews and her desire to take care of her parents down the road added to her dream of one day becoming a nurse. When she came to Texas Tech her advisors helped her to get on the right path to not only becoming a nurse but also obtaining a dual degree from both the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) as well as from the College of Human Sciences.

“With this major, I can ‘minor' in three different areas within the college, while also preparing for nursing school,” Gonzales said. “I was recently accepted into TTUHSC's School of Nursing and was able to declare a dual degree. I look forward to being able to represent both TTUHSC and TTU's College of Human Sciences as a future alumna!” 

The COVID-19 pandemic was incredibly difficult not only on our healthcare workers but also for our future healthcare workers and those with a passion to become a nurse.

“In 2019, I earned my Certification in Nursing Assisting and have been employed at a hospital in my hometown since March of 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I was deprived of all the events and experiences of the end of my junior and entire senior year of high school; however, the newfound time I had, allowed me to devote several hours to my job in an attempt to combat the virus,” Gonzales said. “Working as a nursing assistant has not only provided me insight into the duties and expectations of my future career as a nurse, but it has been very rewarding, and I have enjoyed caring for patients and feeling like I make a difference.” 

Gonzales officially started Nursing school in May 2022. She plans to become a Registered Nurse and to later continue her education to become a Nurse Practitioner. She plans to help improve rural hospitals, care, resources, and quality in her home state of New Mexico or her new home here in Texas. 

The dual degree in Human Sciences and Nursing at Texas Tech allows students to not just complete the required prerequisites for nursing school but to also explore other classes and gain knowledge in other fields as well. 

“The education and experiences I have received from the College of Human Sciences have prepared me for nursing school and formed the foundation for me to be a well-rounded nurse, and I am confident that this path has the potential to do the same for others,” Gonzales said.

The dual degree is an incredible opportunity for those who plan to go to nursing school and want to not only be prepared for nursing school but to also broaden their horizons and gain knowledge that will be useful and applicable in the future.