Texas Tech University

Personal Financial Planning Alumnus Owns and Operates Wealth Management Firm

Breck Gavin

November 16, 2023

Jarrod Sandra

Jarrod Sandra helps clients navigate their finances at Chisholm Wealth Management

Jarrod Sandra graduated with his Master of Sciences in Personal Financial Planning (PFP) at Texas Tech University in 2020. Today, Sandra is the Owner of Chisholm Wealth Management, where he is a fee-only fiduciary advisor that focuses on financial planning for individuals and families and helps companies run their 401(k) plans.

At the beginning of his career, Sandra tried on several roles within the field of personal financial planning including banker, 401(k) managing director, and leadership roles within personal investment. He eventually became Vice President of Relationship Management at Fidelity before deciding to open his own firm, which he continues to own and operate today.

Sandra was first exposed to the PFP master's program at Texas Tech through a live cohort in which he was taught by TTU professors while working at Fidelity. Ultimately, Sandra said he chose to enroll in the program because of its recognition as one of the most robust PFP programs in the nation.

“I knew I wanted a live format and I wanted academic professionals with real-world experience teaching me what I truly needed to know,” Sandra said. “I was able to get that from Tech.”

There are several areas in Sandra's career that he sees as having benefited from his master's degree in personal financial planning, specifically in his decision to open his own firm.

“It really gave me the confidence to launch my own firm knowing I had the skill set to serve clients above and beyond what most ‘advisors' do for their clients these days,” Sandra said.

He goes on to acknowledge that while he had experience in the field, he needed additional knowledge to give his clients the best services possible.

“The financial planning skillset was a must and while I had some deep experience in certain parts of it, I needed more knowledge to pair with my decade and a half experience,” Sandra said. “The PFP program helped in that way tremendously.”

In the future, Sandra is excited to continue to take steps to evolve his firm, including expanding his client list and incorporating his faith into his daily job. He also looks forward to new opportunities to learn and grow in financial planning.

“My primary goal is to never stop learning,” Sandra said. “With all the degrees, designations, and experience I have, I know it's never enough to stay content with what you know today.”