Texas Tech University

Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management Alumna Impacts Community Through Role at Carter BloodCare

Samantha Salazar

April 17, 2023

Karina Holcombe

Karina Holcombe shares how the RHIM program helped her start a successful salsa business and feel qualified for her current role

Karina Holcombe graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management (RHIM) from Texas Tech in 2000. Through her roles in and out of the hospitality field, she has consistently felt her degree to be beneficial. Holcombe currently works as a consultant for Carter BloodCare. 

With the skills from her RHIM degree she also established a fast-casual restaurant concept and later sold the business concept and operation for a sizeable investment return. Holcombe chose a degree in RHIM to help her establish her business concept, Sazon Fajitas & Salsas. Before selling the business, she worked as owner/manager and developed 6 gourmet salsas, 2 savory marinades, and a unique seasoning blend to create signature flavors and brand recognition. Her business was profitable within two months.

“My concept achieved profitability within two months due to knowledge gained thru the RHIM program at Texas Tech (ie planning, marketing),” Holcombe said. “Tech excels at empowering their students for success.”

Holcombe's current role at Carter BloodCare leaves her in charge of achieving territory goals through effective donor recruitment. She also develops and provides customized training to corporations, non-profits, and schools to help them reach their blood drive collection goals. She loves building community relationships and knowing her efforts are impacting patients and their families for years to come. 

 “The hospitality program at Texas Tech helped me develop into a true people person, leader and communicator,” Holcombe said. “I continue to learn, grow and evolve.”

The RHIM program develops students like Holcombe into well rounded individuals that continue to improve and enhance the human condition in all career fields. Students leave the program equipped to handle a variety of roles, as they develop leadership and management skills.