Texas Tech University

Interior Design Alumni Spotlight: Beth Perry Turner

Matilda Beckanovic

July 25, 2023

Beth Perry Turner

Beth Perry Turner works on a large variety of healthcare projects through each design phase

What degrees/certifications do you have?
Bachelor of science in interior design (2022), master of science in environmental design (2023) - both TTU, also have my LEED Green Associate certification and OLE! Texas

What is your current job title, and what does that role entail?
Interior Designer I at Perkins&Will, I'm in the healthcare studio, so my role primarily comprises of working on a large variety of healthcare projects through each design phase. The sizes of projects range from small healthcare renovation projects to large-scale multimillion-dollar hospitals.

What inspired you to get a degree in Interior Design from Texas Tech University?
The Tech design program approaches design from a multidisciplinary lens which really equips and encourages students to challenge and push the boundaries of design. Tech's design program is also very technical and does a good job of focusing on the hard skills that are crucial to success in the field. The combination of creative thinking and technical skills that Tech's program focuses on produces students that are well-equipped and informed. Another big aspect that stuck out to me is the supportive and collaborative dynamic between professors and students. 

How did the ID program prepare you for your current role?
The ID program equipped me with the confidence and hard skills to tackle a variety of design challenges that I see in my work now. The ID program also teaches the value and power of collaboration which is a crucial aspect of being successful in the work field. Specifically, as a graduate student, I learned to analyze and solve complex situations with confidence. 

Would you recommend this program to current and prospective students? If so, why?
Absolutely! Tech's Interior Design program is extremely unique because it's integrated into the College of Human Sciences. This gives students the opportunity to collaborate with a wide variety of disciplines to really broaden their perspective on client/user needs. For me, personally, I loved being a design student at Tech because I knew that the faculty and staff always had my best interest at heart. Their dedication to excellence and passion for design is evident in the classroom.