Texas Tech University

Interior Design Alumni Spotlight: Ivy Lane

Matilda Beckanovic

July 25, 2023

Ivy Lane

Ivy Lane works on various types of architectural and interior designs for landlord, corporate, and healthcare

What degrees/certifications do you have?
Texas Tech University with a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design and a minor in Architecture

What is your current job title, and what does that role entail?
I am a Designer at Inventure, working on different types of Architectural/Interior designs for Landlord, Corporate, and Healthcare. My specialty at the firm is being one of their leading Healthcare designers and working directly with our Associate Principal, who is our Director of Healthcare. With this role, I take on many responsibilities, from attending potential new client meetings or working with current clients from the beginning stages of programming to project/construction management and when the project is completed. 

What inspired you to get a degree in Interior Design from Texas Tech University?
What truly inspired me to get a degree in Interior Design from Texas Tech was the program itself, I truly loved knowing that there was a diverse group of professors, and it gave you the opportunity to have a choice in learning both Interior Design and Architecture. They understood that in our career, Interior Designers and Architects work hand and hand every day, which I think shows a true example of what it is like once you are in the actual career outside of a classroom. Immediately, what truly gravitated me towards the program as well was that they spoke the true definition of what it means/takes to be a true Interior Designer and don't sugar-quote anything. 

How did the ID program prepare you for your current role?
The Interior Design Program prepared me for my current role by giving me the opportunities to grow outside of the day-to-day classroom. I was very involved in different organizations as a student, I will say because our program preached how important it was to be a part of different student Design programs, it truly helped me grow in ways to be confident not only in the classroom but once I got into the real world. 

Would you recommend this program to current and prospective students? If so, why?
I would recommend this program to current and prospective students because not only do you have the chance to have a degree in Interior Design; this program sets you up to understand Architecture as well and the chance to work with other fields that you truly work with every day once you graduate. I think that this program gives you an invaluable experience that most programs do not give, and having a program that pushes you past your limits is the best place for you to grow mentally, physically, and emotionally not only in the classroom but after you take on the real world.