Texas Tech University

Interior Design Alumni Spotlight: John Botello

Matilda Beckanovic

July 25, 2023

John Botello

John Botello works as a creative manager at The White House

What degrees/certifications do you have?
Bachelor of Interior Design - Texas Tech (2013) M.A. History of Decorative Arts - Smithsonian/GMU (2015)

What is your current job title, and what does that role entail?
Creative Manager at The White House, Executive Residence, Washington, D.C.

What inspired you to get a degree in Interior Design from Texas Tech University?
Since a young age, I have been passionate about design, historic homes, event design, hospitality, and the decorative arts. It is a true joy to create spaces and experiences that inspire and evoke positivity in others. 

How did the ID program prepare you for your current role?
It opened my eyes to design through other cultures and places. 

Would you recommend this program to current and prospective students? If so, why?