Texas Tech University

Interior Design Alumni Spotlight: Savannah Buttler

Matilda Beckanovic

September 25, 2023


Savannah Buttler is an Interior Designer working in the Luxury, High-End Residential sector of Interior Design.

 What degrees/ certifications do you have? 

I have a Bachelor of Interior Design with a Minor in Architecture from Texas Tech University. I then went on to obtain a Master of Business Administration immediately following graduation from undergrad, rounding out my experience at Texas Tech. 

 What is your current job title, and what does that role entail? 

 I am currently a ‘Designer II' at Britt Design Group in Austin, Texas. I work solely in our luxury residential sector of the company and love every minute. I typically start a project from the very beginning at the foundation stage and work through the design and build process all the way to the final touches of accessorizing, completing a fully turnkey experience for our clients. I work hand in hand with architects and builders, helping design homes while creating functional, yet beautiful spaces. I work on Construction Document drawings, full specification selections for the interiors and then move on to the furnishings and accessories portion of the projects. Our projects aren't only located in the Austin area but across the United States and the Caribbean so traveling is a large part of my job that I feel super grateful to experience. 

What inspired you to get a degree in Interior Design from Texas Tech University? 

 Texas Tech stood out from all the other design programs by really instilling the need for knowledge of the architectural side of the Interior Design industry – something that a lot of other programs at other universities don't incorporate into their programs as holistically as Tech's does. The breadth of classes and programs that are offered within the program really drew me in as well. 

When it was drawing close to the end of my final semester, I realized that I wanted an opportunity to learn the business side of an interior design company, and the accelerated MBA program Tech offers allowed me the chance to do this. I would highly recommend any interior design student who wants to add the knowledge of how you could run the business and marketing side of a company to look into pursuing the MBA program Tech offers following their Interior Design degree. Having both under my belt allowed me to stand apart from other interior designer applicants when applying for jobs to show that I had both the creative mindset that this job needs while also showcasing that I had the business-minded elements needed for a firm to grow successfully. 

 How did the ID program prepare you for your current role?  Tech Interior Design prepared me so well through the technical programs integrated into the curriculum being taught so thoroughly. I also think that the order in which we progressed through the design program was instrumental in grasping the necessity of the design process. Tech pushed us to think creatively and come up with solutions for anything that could arise within projects while pushing us to think outside of the box where needed. While it is a rigorous and tough program, I genuinely feel as though it prepared me for what a career in the interior design field is like. The projects that the professors give could be considered real world clients and real scenarios rather than conceptual prompts which really prepared me for taking on complex and individualized clients. 

Would you recommend this program to current and prospective students? If so, why?

I would wholeheartedly recommend the Texas Tech Interior Design program to both current and prospective students. This program pushes you and challenges you but ultimately provides you with a well-rounded experience that truly prepares you for an interior design career. It also was genuinely one of the highlights of my time at Texas Tech. The people I met in the program became some of my closest friends and with the program being generally small class sizes, you get a more one-on-one feel with the professors, truly feeling like you're getting an individualized education.