Texas Tech University

School of Financial Planning Welcomes New Operations Team

Mallory Collins

July 11, 2023

New PFP Staff

New hires include Katelyn Booth, Mackenzie Weathers, and Esmeralda Torres

The School of Financial Planning welcomes three new staff members to the team, each serving a critical role in facilitating day-to-day operations. The new hires include Katelyn Booth, Mackenzie Weathers, and Esmeralda Torres. Sarah Asebedo, school director, welcomes the new hires and shares how they will be an asset to the school.

“We are thrilled to welcome Katelyn, Mackenzie, and Esmeralda to the School of Financial Planning,” Asebedo said. “This new team, led by Katelyn, will contribute their skills and talents to our daily operations, financials, events, outreach, and student service. We are excited for the impact each of these new staff members will have within our school.”

Katelyn Booth

Booth has experience here at Texas Tech because of her previous role in the College of Human Sciences. For two years, she worked as the coordinator of business operations for the Human Development and Family Sciences department. Booth stepped into the interim role of business manager when the school was in transition and has now accepted the full-time position. As business manager, she will lead the operations team and manage the school's financial elements.

“I want to have a positive impact in the way I lead the operations team,” Booth said. “I want to lead them well and want the business manager to be someone that the coordinators can come to for help and guidance. I want us all to be on the same team working towards the same goal.”

Mackenzie Weathers

Weathers will graduate with her bachelor's degree in Digital Media and Professional Communications in August. She was hired onto the operations team as the coordinator of outreach and operations. Responsibilities for her role include coordinating school outreach, social media, communications, and administrative tasks. Weathers said she is excited to develop more working relationships and hopes to create a fun and encouraging environment.

Esmeralda Torres

Torres is now the new School of Financial Planning coordinator. She is a recent Texas Tech graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Human Sciences. In her new role, she will be working with students, staff, and faculty to connect them with the operations and events happening in the school. Torres said she is excited to make a positive impact within her new role by working towards motivating the team to increase productivity and success.