Texas Tech University

Apparel Design and Manufacturing Student Recognized for Collaboration with Lubbock Police Community Engagement Unit

Matilda Beckanovic

March 10, 2023


William Griffith had the opportunity to collaborate with the Lubbock police to create a seal that encompasses the community of Lubbock

William Griffith is a junior in the Apparel Design and Manufacturing (ADM) program. He collaborated with Anish Quenim, a Lubbock Police Department intern and TTU Graduate Student/Teaching Assistant, to prepare a concept seal for Lubbock Police Department Community Engagement Unit (LPDCEU). 

The design of the seal encompasses key elements of the Lubbock community. Some of those elements include the Lubbock sunset, reminding the community of the responsibility toward conserving the climate. Centennial Champion, the TTU masked riders' horse, portrays the strong gratitude and affiliation with Texas Tech University. The characters address the Lubbock communities' care for all ages, races, and cultures. Finally, the braille on the outer ring shows that the Lubbock community wants differently-abled individuals to feel a part of the community. 

“We would like to thank your student William and your department for collaborating with us to prepare the concept seal for the Lubbock Police Department Community Engagement Unit (LPDCEU),” Quenim said. 

The seal design is in the process of approval from the city. Griffith said he was thrilled about the idea that something he could make would positively impact the community he grew up in. He hopes to continue designing, creating, and making a difference as a designer.

William G

“Ultimately, my goal is to become a fashion designer under my own label,” Griffith said. “And while this project may not correlate to that directly, I am happy to say the ADM program has enabled me to step outside of my comfort zone and take on projects involving graphic design, advertising, and many other avenues of creativity.”

The seal will be used for the LPD Community Engagement Unit, which is focused primarily on being united with the community they serve. This unit has allowed officers to become directly connected with the people of the community. Similarly, the ADM department wants to help its students become directly connected with the growing community of Lubbock. Griffith is a perfect example of how the ADM department allows students to connect with the community and make a positive impact.