Texas Tech University

Interior Design Alumna Creates Spaces Intended to Impact Individuals as General Manager at Officewise

Breck Gavin

January 4, 2024

Lupe Zermeno

Lupe Zermeno blends creativity and science when designing interior spaces

Lupe Zermeno received her bachelor's degree in Interior Design in 2011 with a minor in architecture. She then went on to get her Master of Science in Environmental Design in 2015. Zermeno has deep roots at Texas Tech University, including her two degrees, early industry internships, and experiences. Today, she is the general manager of the Lubbock location at Officewise, a commercial furniture dealership specializing in commercial interiors.

When it came time to decide where to attend school, Zermeno never doubted that she would become a student at Texas Tech University. A later tour of the Department of Design sealed the deal that she would major in interior design.

"I got really excited when I saw the projects previous students had completed," Zermeno said. "I started the program and never looked back – I absolutely loved it".

During her undergraduate work, Zermeno landed an internship with Texas Tech University Facilities Planning and Construction where she was exposed to how her degree would translate into the real world. Then, after being encouraged by a close friend in the program and a previous professor, she began the environmental design master's program.

"With the environmental design program, I learned about the research and science behind design," Zermeno said. "Combined with the opportunity to be creative and artistic, I believe it has given me both a logical and creative approach to design solutions that I apply in my everyday practices".

After graduating, Zermeno began her career at Officewise, where she has held several positions, including account manager, designer, project manager, and operations manager. As of January 2024, she is now the Officewise general manager. Zermeno said she enjoys having a role in designing spaces where people interact in their daily lives.

"I am able to use the knowledge I gained about the impact of design in the built-in environment to improve the lives of those using the space; we design a space to promote the well-being of all users within the space," Zermeno said. "It is extremely rewarding when you see someone interacting in a space you helped design and knowing you have an impact (directly or indirectly) in that individual's life whether they realize it or not".

In the future, Zermeno hopes to continue to advocate for the interior design career and impact people's lives through spaces she creates.

"I hope that I can be an example for one of the many paths you can take as a graduate of the interior design program," Zermeno said. "I love the flexibility I have to be creative, be a businesswoman, and balance my personal life as a mother and wife and hope I can continue to do what I love for many years to come".