Texas Tech University

Retail Management Program Offers Taylor Swift and Fashion Online Summer Course

Mattison Jean Block

April 8, 2024

Taylor Swift and the clothes she wears

This online course allows students to learn about how Taylor Swift uses fashion to create her brand

It is no lie that Taylor Swift has taken the world by storm, but did we ever think she would be taking over Texas Tech? Yes, you heard that right, Taylor Swift is making a trip to Texas Tech, in the form of an online course this summer. Learn about how Taylor Swift uses fashion, her preferred designers, and so much more.  

The Hospitality and Retail Management department will be offering RETL 4360: Taylor Swift and the Clothes She Wears. In this class, student will learn about how Taylor Swift uses clothes to build her brand and how her clothes relate to her hidden easter eggs. This course will also cover the economic impact on hospitality, retail, and the NFL. Taylor Swift's outfits easily set trends, and students will learn about this as well. This class is perfect for Taylor Swift fans, or fashion lovers in general.  

“Taylor Swift has a tremendous impact on most aspects of the service industry, from fashion to hospitality. She is a fashion leader and uses all aspects of fashion to communicate and lead her followers,” said associate chair Deborah Fowler, Ph.D. “It would be a remiss for a fashion merchandising program to not address her impact.” 

This course does not have any pre-requisites and is available for all majors. Allow this online course to open your mind to the world of Taylor Swift and how she uses fashion to make her name known.