Texas Tech University

Apparel Design and Manufacturing Program Reaches New Levels of Success at Fashion Group International Scholarship Competition

Mattison Jean Block

April 29, 2024

FGI Competition

Texas Tech students bring home Best of Sewing and Director's Choice awards, among others

On Friday, April 19, the Texas Tech Apparel Design and Manufacturing program traveled to Dallas, Texas, to attend the Fashion Group International (FGI) Scholarship Competition. With more than 30 entries for apparel design students, eight Texas Tech students took home scholarship awards. FGI is a worldwide nonprofit membership-based organization. This was the 56th annual scholarship competition in Dallas.

“Throughout the spring semester, students work tirelessly on their original designs and transforming them from a sketch, to a fully constructed garment,” Professor Ashlee Rougeaux-Burnes said. “Competing in the FGI scholarship competition is a long-standing tradition for the Apparel Design and Manufacturing department.”

Apparel Design and Manufacturing program director, Ashley Rougeaux-Burnes accompanied the students to the competition.

“Our students performed wonderfully at this year's competition,” Rougeaux-Burnes said. “We had high quality submissions and more entries than ever. I was excited to see the students recognized for the long hours and hard work they put into their garments.

After receiving feedback from professors throughout the semester, the students spend hours making corrections and making the impossible possible. Krista Danicki, Apparel Design and Manufacturing junior, received the award for Best in Construction. Fittingly, Danicki received a sewing machine as her award.

Winning Garment

“When I came to Texas Tech I had never sewn before in my life, so to win best of construction was quite literally tear jerking,” Danicki said. “It felt like all the countless hours of sewing for the past three years had finally paid off.”

Jenna Henderson, Apparel Design and Manufacturing junior, received the second place award for the Streetwear/Daywear category.

“I felt so supported and encouraged by my friends and classmates, which made my appreciation and love for the Apparel Design and Manufacturing community at Texas Tech grow even greater.” Henderson said.

The most prestigious award of the evening, Director's Choice, was received by junior Alaysia Richardson.

FGI Winners

“I've always been an optimistic person, believing you get what you put into it and that they sky's the limit,” Richardson said. “That was my mindset when I took on this nerve-wracking creative project back in January, and to see it pay off is very rewarding.”

Sustainability is becoming a new popular category of design. Senior Emily Rosilier received second place in the Apparel Sustainability category.

“Not only was I honored to be awarded second place, I was honored that my garment was seen as applicable towards the sustainability category.” Rosilier said. “I strive to help our earth by working with an industry that usually does the opposite.”

The Fashion Group International Competition gives awards in the form of a summer internship. Junior Addyson Ford received an internship offer from FERRAH, a luxury fashion brand.

“When I got the email that I was a finalist and had an interview with FERRAH I freaked out, especially because it was unexpected and happened so quick.” Ford said. “At the show when they called my name, I felt so blessed that all my hard work had finally paid off.”