Texas Tech University

Maynette Derr Williams Service Award Winner Shines Bright in Interior Design Program

Mattison Jean Block

April 22, 2024

Kelsey Kleypas

Kelsey Kleypas serves the community by using skills learned as a College of Human Sciences student

The Maynette Derr Williams Service Awards provides recipients with a $500 scholarship given to one graduating senior who has gone above and beyond in the service industry throughout their time at Texas Tech. Kelsey Kleypas has always had a service led mindset. Kleypas will graduate with a Bachelor of Interior Design and a minor in Architecture this May. She is also pursuing a master's degree in Environmental Design as part of the accelerated bachelor's to master's program and is expected to graduate in December of 2024. Kleypas grew up in Kerrville, TX surrounded by her family. She has a passion for service, and it shows in her experience. 

“I grew up volunteering with my church through mission trips and service throughout my community while also giving my time during COVID to serve food to the elderly through Meals on Wheels,” Kleypas said. “I also served in leadership positions all throughout my junior school years. I continue to have those passions in my college education through community service and student organization leadership.”

Kleypas chose Interior Design because she is fascinated with how a designer can transform a space's feel. To Kleypas, Interior Design is more than picking out room colors or decorating a space. 

“There is research, strategies, and empathy for designing for everyone through universal design,” Kleypas said. “I was drawn into designing spaces that create unique experiences for everyone who walks into the spaces.”

Kleypas is led by her passion for volunteering and giving her time to others. She has been volunteering for the Refuge Services Equine Therapy throughout her time at Texas Tech. She enjoys working with horses and helping her clients through their therapy sessions. Kleypas has a personal experience with this kind of therapy. A couple of years ago, her sister suffered from a stroke. Equine therapy was able to help her sister, and Kleypas said this experience changed perspective on time and life as a whole.

Kleypas is honored to have received the Maynette Derr Williams Service Award. She is proud to know that the service and time has been recognized. She has learned so much as a creator and a person while studying Interior Design in the College of Human Sciences. 

“I have put myself in situations outside my comfort zone to grow towards my future goals,” Kleypas said. “I will apply the personal growth I experienced through this program to my next career opportunities. I will continue to insert myself in uncomfortable situations that allow me to grow in both my professional and personal lives.”