Texas Tech University

Financial Aid and Scholarships


Scholarships for graduate Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems engineering students are available from the department, the college, and the university.

Application Process

Students can apply here for scholarships through Texas Tech Graduate School. The application allows graduate students to fill out one application and then be considered for Texas Tech Graduate School scholarships and competitive college and departmental scholarships. The deadline for applications is January 15.

Admitted, full-time students who submitted their complete application by January 15th for the Fall or Summer semesters and by June 15th for the Spring semester will automatically be considered for available departmental scholarships and TA/RA positions, which are awarded on a competitive basis. RA positions generally go to PhD students, and are assigned by individual professors. TA positions also usually go to PhD students and are assigned by the IMSE department chair. There are also a limited number of grader positions each semester, which are also assigned by the IMSE department chair. In addition, there are a number of on campus job opportunities, including jobs in other departments on campus and jobs in other entities such as the library, dining services, and tutoring centers. Our department does not have a list of these opportunities, so interested students would need to contact these other departments/entities directly.

In addition, the graduate school offers some scholarships and fellowships. See: General Fellowships. Please contact the graduate school for more information about graduate school scholarships: gradfellowships@ttu.edu or donna.rogers@ttu.edu

Distance learning (online) students have the same opportunities for financial support in terms of scholarships, student loans, etc., as on campus students. Our department does not offer any sort of tuition assistance/scholarship program for part time students, whether on campus or online. However, part-time students can contact the graduate school or student business services to see if they would qualify for in state tuition or if there are other tuition assistance/scholarship opportunities. Students with a US military background (current or former) can also contact our military & veterans program regarding funding opportunities. Finally, interested part-time students can also contact Brent Guinn (brent.guinn@ttu.edu), who manages distance education for the college of engineering, to see if there are any designated scholarships for distance education students at the college level. Meanwhile, all TA, RA, and grader positions have an on campus component, so distance students, even full-time ones, are not candidates for these positions.

Industrial, Manufacturing & Systems Engineering