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Manufacturing Engineering, MS

Manufacturing Engineering, MSMfgE

The 30-hour program requires a minimum of 30 graduate credit hours, approved by the student's graduate advisor and the Graduate Dean, and successful completion of the MS final examination (non-thesis option) or MS thesis final defense (thesis option). Students in the MSMfgE program must complete the MSMfgE core (see below), and, for the non-thesis program, take at least 5 elective courses, of which at least 3 must be in WCOE. Thesis students must complete the MSMfgE core, take at least 3 elective courses, of which at least 1 must be in WCOE, and complete 6 hours of IE 6000 (MS thesis).

MSMfgE Core:

IE 5351 Advanced Manufacturing Processes 
IE 5352 Advanced Manufacturing Systems 
IE 5355 Computer-Aided Manufacturing 
IE 5356 Biomedical Design and Manufacturing 
IE 5357 Manufacturing Facilities Planning and Design

The 30-hour program may include up to 6 semester hours of graduate level work transferred from another U.S. university or foreign university recognized by the academic accrediting authorities. Transfer courses must be approved by the student's advisor and the Graduate Dean. Considerations include the course content, the strength of the graduate program, and the grade earned (a grade of 'B' or better is required). Please refer to the IMSE graduate handbook for additional requirements and details.

Industrial, Manufacturing, & Systems Engineering