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Systems and Engineering Management, PhD SYEM

The doctoral program requires a minimum of 60 hours of coursework beyond the bachelor's degree, which may include up to 15 hours constituting a minor area. At least 12 hours of doctoral dissertation enrollment are also required for the doctoral degree. Transfer credits from a master's degree program are determined by the student's graduate advisor and the graduate school, with a maximum of 30 transfer credits allowed. W

Within the 60 hours of coursework, doctoral students with a major in systems and engineering management must complete the Ph.D. SYEM core described below (transfer courses may be used with approval of the student's advisor). A formal plan of study, detailing the major and minor courses and the Ph.D. committee, must be approved by the student's advisor and the Graduate Dean. The Ph.D. committee is typically made up of at least 3 Industrial, Manufacturing and Systems Engineering graduate faculty members and at least 1 graduate faculty member from outside Industrial, Manufacturing and Systems Engineering (for larger committees, a majority of faculty must always be from Industrial, Manufacturing and Systems Engineering). Further, the student must complete a qualifying exam, research proposal, and final dissertation defense. In addition, all Ph.D. IE students must have at least two refereed journal papers accepted for publication prior to their final defense. For more details on the degree requirements, please consult the IMSE graduate handbook.

Ph.D. SYEM Core:

  1. IE 5311 Principles of Optimization or IE 5318 Principles of Operations Research Modeling with Spreadsheets
  2. IE 5316 Simulation Models for Operations Analysis, IE 5319 Risk Modeling and Assessment, or IE 5346 Total Quality Systems
  3. IE 5320 Systems Theory
  4. IE 5321 Decision Theory and Management Science, IE 5322 Industrial Cost Analysis, IE 5324 Advanced Economics of Systems, or IE 5325 Productivity and Performance Improvement in Organizations
  5. IE 5323 The Engineering Management Environment or IE 5329 Project Management
  6. IE 6323 Systems Management Global Environment*
  7. IE 6329 Systems Management Seminar*
  8. IE 6331 Advanced Theoretical Studies in Systems Management*
  9. IE 6399 Research Methods in Science and Technology*
  10. IE 7000 Research

* Indicated courses used to fulfill the program's residency requirement. Courses are taught exclusively in the summer, when online students must be in-residence. Residency consists of a one-month summer session during each of the first two years of the doctoral program, in which the students must be on campus for the first two weeks of the term.


logoASEM Awards

The Department of IMSE has won 5 of the 18 American Society for Engineering Management Best Dissertation Awards ASEM ever awarded. There is only one award given annually and nominations are international. We would like to recognize those who have received this distinguished and international honor at Texas Tech University:

Marcus Banasik – 2009

Dissertation Title: “A Study of Cost of Quality in a renewable Resource Environment.”  

Mario G. Beruvides, Ph.D., P.E. Dissertation Chairperson


Wayne Rodin – 2010

Dissertation Title: “A Cost of Quality Economic Analysis on the Value of Six-Sigma Quality Programs in Government Organizations.”

Mario G. Beruvides, Ph.D., P.E. Dissertation Chairperson.


Michael Bromley – 2017

Dissertation Title: “A Synopsis Economic Analysis Model for High Reliability Organizations.”

Mario G. Beruvides, Ph.D., P.E. Dissertation Chairperson.


Chamila Kalpani – 2018

Dissertation Title: “Development of Supply Chain Performance Measurement Model Integrable to Industry.”

Jennifer A. Cross, Ph.D., Dissertation Chairperson.


Olufunke Oladimeji – 2020

Dissertation Title: “A Dynamic Analysis of the Success Factors that Affect Performance Measurement Implementations.”

Jennifer A. Cross, Ph.D., and Heather Keathly, Ph.D. University of Central Florida – Dissertation Co-Chairpersons. 



Industrial, Manufacturing & Systems Engineering