Texas Tech University

Recent Quilt Acquisitions: 1830–1930

February 2023 – September 2024

Recent Quilt Acquisitions: 1830–1930Crazy Quilt (1890) by Emily A. Trimmier Hughes (b. 1818, d. 1896). Gift of Robert Simpson "Bud" Johnson

Quilt acquisitions from 2016 to the present have been curated into a two-part exhibition series, the first being “100 Years of Quilts.” The earliest collection piece is a whole cloth quilt circa 1830 whose decoration is achieved through the quilting pattern. Late 19th century quilts feature bright and colorful pieces including a red and green pieced quilt likely made in anticipation of the maker's wedding. Later quilts were made at the beginning of the Depression and likely survived due to their beauty and sentimental value.