Texas Tech University


 LLL CleaningThe Chairperson of the program administers the Heritage and Museum Sciences Program. Prospective students are warmly invited to contact the Academic Advisor at sally.shelton@ttu.edu for comprehensive information about the program and application process. To begin the application process, prospective students must create an account and complete the online application through the Graduate School of Texas Tech University and satisfy the requirements of the university, including a transcript of all previous undergraduate (and graduate, if applicable) coursework and GRE scores. Click this link to begin the online application process.

Please be sure to click the link to the semester in which you want to begin your studies to begin the application. If difficulties are encountered at any step in the online application process, please contact Graduate Admissions at graduate.admissions@ttu.edu.

Applicants will be considered for admission to the Heritage and Museum Sciences Program after the following program required materials are submitted to the online application:(1) two letters of reference from persons knowledgeable of the student's academic and professional abilities; and (2) a completed career summary (personal) statement. Once that process is concluded, program admission and competitive scholarship or fellowship awards are based on three general categories of criteria:

  • Academic Record. All academic records may be considered – 60 hours, total, major, post-baccalaureate.
  • Test Scores. Scores on the GRE should be no more than five years old. The GRE is required, but no test score will be considered the sole criterion.
  • Individual Profile. Profiles may include recommendation letters, research background, motivation, multilingual proficiency, undergraduate institution, presentations, and the completed career summary statement. Other information that admission and scholarship and fellowship committees may consider is work commitment, demonstrated commitment to a particular field of work or study, and community involvement.

Please note that fellowship awards for fall entry have a deadline of March 15 for notification; scholarships and spring fellowship awards do not have a deadline. To be considered for a fall entry fellowship, please submit your application and required documents before March 15.