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Plant feeders

Insects that feed on plants

A lot of insects feed on plants. Some of them feed by chewing on leaves (like grasshoppers), fruits (like some beetles), or stems (like the larvae of some beetles); others by sucking the liquids inside the plants (like true bugs and leafhoppers; others by sucking on the nectar (like butterflies and moths) or by eating the pollen of flowers.


Grashoppers feed by chewing on the leaves of plants.


The insect display includes some representatives of the family Romaleidae.

True bugs

The mouthparts of true bugs are like a straw that they use to pierce through plant tissues to suck the liquids inside the plant.

Green true bugBrown true bugLeaf footed bug

Here we have representatives of the families Pentatomidae, Reduviidae, and Coreidae.


Some beetles feed on plants, some by chewing on leaves, others on fruits.

Jewel beetleLonghorn beetleLonghorn beetleLonghorn beetle

Jewel beetleWeevilWeevilWeevil

Here we have some jewel beetles (family Buprestidae), longhorn beetles (family Cerambycidae), and some weevils (family Curculionidae).

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