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SP-079 - Mammals of Oklahoma Records of Occurrence: A Companion to Mammals of Oklahoma, Second Edition
Lynda Samanie Loucks, Michelle L. Haynie, Brad Watkins, and William Caire, 2023

SP-078 - Genetic Identification of Pocket Gophers (Genera Cratogeomys, Geomys, and Thomomys) in Texas and Surrounding Areas
Robert D. Bradley, Annie T. Pham, Kinsey A. Rich, Emma K. Roberts, Taylor J. Soniat, Cassie M. Poehlein, Mariah N. Mills, Morgan Ballard, Richard M. Pitts, Laramie L. Lindsey, Michaela K. Halsey, David A. Ray, Richard D. Stevens, David J. Schmidly, and Emily A. Wright, 2023

SP-077 - Taxonomic Catalogs for the Recent Terrestrial Vertebrates (Species and Subspecies) Described from Texas
David J. Schmidly, Robert D. Bradley, Lisa C. Bradley, and Franklin D. Yancey, II (editors), 2023
$40.00 - H

SP-076 - Hummingbird (Family Trochilidae) Research: Welfare-conscious Study Techniques for Live Hummingbirds and Processing of Hummingbird Specimens
Lisa A. Tell, Jenny A. Hazlehurst, Ruta R. Bandivadekar, Jennifer C. Brown, Austin R. Spence, Donald R. Powers, Dalen W. Agnew, Leslie W. Woods, and Andrew Engilis, Jr., 2021

SP-075 -
A Specimen-based Inventory of the Birds of Resaca de las Antonias, Los Fresnos, Cameron County, Texas
Andrew Engilis, Jr., Irene E. (Torres) Engilis, Brian K. Schmidt, and John A. Trochet, 2020

SP-074 -
Biological Type Specimens of Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas, USA; with a History of these Collections at the Museum of Texas Tech University
Bill D. Mueller, James C. Cokendolpher, and Tamara Enríquez, 2020

SP-073 - Type Localities of Mexican Land Mammals, with Comments on Taxonomy and Nomenclature
Alfred L. Gardner and José Ramírez-Pulido, 2020
$20.00 - H


SP-072 - Three New Species of Small-eared Shrews, Genus Cryptotis, from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras (Mammalia: Eulipotyphla: Soricidae)
Neal Woodman, 2019

SP-071 - From Field to Laboratory: A Memorial Volume In Honor of Robert J. Baker
Robert D. Bradley, Hugh H. Genoways, David J. Schmidly, and Lisa C. Bradley (Editors), 2019
$75.00 - H

SP-070 - Mitochondrial DNA Sequence Data Indicate Evidence for Muliple Species Within Peromyscus maniculatus
Robert D. Bradley, James Q. Francis, Roy N. Platt II, Taylor J. Soniat, Daysi Alvarez, and Laramie L. Lindsey, 2019

SP-069Bats of Saint Lucia, Lesser Antilles
Scott C. Pedersen, Gary G. Kwiecinski, Hugh H. Genoways, Roxanne J. Larsen, Peter A. Larsen, Carleton J. Phillips, and Robert J. Baker, 2018 

SP-068 - Bats of Saint Vincent, Lesser Antilles
Gary G. Kwiecinski, Scott C. Pedersen, Hugh H. Genoways, Peter A. Larsen, Roxanne J. Larsen, Justin D. Hoffman, Fitzroy Springer, Carleton J. Phillips, and Robert J. Baker, 2018 

SP-067 - Harvestmen of the Family Phalangiidae (Arachnida, Opiliones) in the Americas
James C. Cokendolpher and Robert G. Holmberg, 2018

SP-066 - A Timeline of Significant Events in the Development of North American Mammalogy
David J. Schmidly, Robert D. Bradley, Lisa C. Bradley, and Richard D. Stevens, 2017

SP-065Contributions in Natural History: A Memorial Volume in Honor of Clyde Jones
Richard W. Manning, Jim R. Goetze, and Franklin D. Yancey, II (editors), 2016
SP 65 encomia addendum
$29.95 - H

SP-064United States Biological Survey: A Compendium of its History, Personalities, Impacts, and Conflicts
David J. Schmidly, William E. Tydeman, and Alfred L. Gardner (editors), 2016
$24.95 - H

SP-063List of Recent Land Mammals of Mexico, 2014
José Ramírez-Pulido, Noé González-Ruiz, Alfred L. Gardner, and Joaquín Arroyo-Cabrales, 2014

SP-062 -  New Species of Ctenomys Blainville 1826 (Rodentia: Ctenomyidae) from the Lowlands and Central Valleys of Bolivia
Scott L. Gardner, Jorge Salazar-Bravo, and Joseph A. Cook, 2014.

SP-061Mammals of Padre Island National Seashore, Texas
Gerrad D. Jones and Jennifer K. Frey, 2013

SP-060The Non-volant Mammals of the Reserva Nacional Allpahuayo-Mishana, Loreto, Peru
Christine L. Hice and Paúl M. Velazco, 2012

SP-059 -   Helminths of Small Mammals (Erinaceomorpha, Soricomorpha, Chiroptera, Rodentia, and Lagomorpha) of Mongolia
David S. Tinnin, Sumiya Ganzorig, and Scott L. Gardner, 2011

SP-058 -   Movements, Populations, and Habitat Preferences of Three Species of Pocket Mice (Perognathinae) in the Big Bend Region of Texas
Richard D. Porter (Calvin A. Porter, Editor), 2011

SP-057Bats of the Tropical Lowlands of Western Ecuador
Juan P. Carrera, Sergio Solari, Peter A. Larsen, Diego F. Alvarado, Adam D. Brown, Carlos Carrión B., J. Sebastián Tello, and Robert J. Baker, 2010
Out of Print


SP-056 -   Phyllostomid Bats of Colombia: Annotated Checklist, Distribution, and Biogeography
Hugo Mantilla-Meluk, Alex Mauricio Jiménez-Ortega, and Robert J. Baker, 2009

SP-055 -   Atlas and Key to the Hair of Terrestrial Texas Mammals
Anica Debelica and Monte L. Thies , 2009

SP-054Arachnids Associated with Wet Playas in the Southern High Plains (Llano Estacado), U.S.A.
James C. Cokendolpher, Shannon M. Torrence, James T. Anderson, W. David Sissom, Nadine Dupérré, James D. Ray and Loren M. Smith, 2008
$21.95 H

SP-053Nocturnal Lemur Diversity at Masoala National Park
Runhua Lei, Shannon E. Engberg, Rambinintsoa Andriantompohavana, Susie M. McGuire, Russell A. Mittermeier, John R. Zaonarivelo, Rick A. Brenneman, and Edward E. Louis, Jr., 2008

SP-052History of the Texas Society of Mammalogists
Robert J. Baker, Clyde Jones, Robert E. Martin, and Lisa C. Bradley, 2007

SP-051Molecular Phylogeny and Taxonomic Revision of the Woolly Lemurs, Genus Avahi (Primates: Lemuriformes)
Rambinintsoa Andriantompohavana, Runhua Lei, John R. Zaonarivelo, Shannon E. Engberg, Gérard Nalanirina , Susie M. McGuire, Gary D. Shore, Justin Andrianasolo, Kelly Herrington, Rick A. Brenneman and Edward E. Louis, Jr., 2007

SP-050 - Shiva Structure: A Possible KT Boundary Impact Crater on the Western Shelf of India
Sankar Chatterjee, Necip Guven, Aaron Yoshinobu, Richard Donofrio, 2006

SP-049Molecular and Morphological Analyses of the Sportive Lemurs (Family Megaladapidae: Genus Lepilemur) Reveals 11 Previously Unrecognized Species
Edward E. Louis, Jr., Shannon E. Engberg, Runhua Lei, Huimin Geng, Julie A. Sommer, Richard Randriamampionona, Jean C. Randriamanana, John R. Zaonarivelo, Rambinintsoa Andriantompohavana, Gisele Randria, Prosper, Boromé Ramaromilanto, Gilbert Rakotoarisoa, Alejandro Rooney, and Rick A. Brenneman, 2006
Out of Print

SP-048Bats of Jamaica
Hugh H. Genoways, Robert J. Baker, John W. Bickham, and Carleton J. Phillips, 2005
$24.95 H

SP-047Plant Communities of Playa Wetlands in the Southern Great Plains
David A. Haukos and Loren M. Smith, 2004

SP-046Aquatic Fauna of the Northern Chihuahuan Desert: Contributed Papers from a Special Session within the Thirty-Third Annual Symposium of the Desert Fishes Council
Gary P. Garrett and Nathan L. Allan, Editors, 2003

SP-045Mammals of Robinson Forest: Species Composition of an Isolated, Mixed-Mesophytic Forest on the Cumberland Plateau in Southeastern Kentucky
James J. Krupa and Michael J. Lacki, 2002

SP-044 -   Chiropteran Community Structure and Seasonal Dynamics in Big Bend National Park
Jana L. Higginbotham and Loren K. Ammerman, 2002

SP-043Bats of the West Indian island of Dominica: Natural history, areography, and trophic structure
Hugh H. Genoways, Robert M. Timm, Robert J. Baker, Carleton J. Phillips, and Duane A. Schlitter, 2001


SP-042The Bats of Argentina
Ruben M. Barquez, Michael A. Mares and Janet K. Braun, 1999
$24.95 H

SP-041The Mammals of the Edwards Plateau, Texas
Jim R. Goetze, 1998

SP-040The Mammals of the Llano Estacado, Texas
Larry L. Choate, 1997

SP-039The Mammals of Big Bend Ranch State Park, Texas
Franklin D. Yancey, II, 1997

SP-038Contribution to a Bibliography of Recent Texas Mammals
J. Knox Jones, Jr., Stephen Demarais and Chris T. McAllister, 1995

SP-037Systematics and Evolutionary Relationships of the Long-eared Myotis, Myotis evotis (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae).
Richard W. Manning, 1993

SP-036Systematics and Evolution of Bats of the Genus Glossophaga
Wm. David Webster, 1993

SP-035A Study of the Parasitic Nematode Genus Tetrameres. I. The literature, 1835-1985
T. R. Mollhagen, 1991

SP-034Mammalian Zoogeography of a Rocky Mountain-Great Plains Interface in New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas
Walter W. Dalquest, Frederick B. Stangl, Jr. and J. Knox Jones, Jr., 1990

SP-033Biosystematics of the Yellow-faced Pocket Gopher, Cratogeomys castanops (Rodentia: Geomyidae) in the United States
Robert R. Hollander, 1990

SP-032 A Morphologic and Morphometric Analysis of the "Sorex vagrans Species Complex" in the Pacific Coast Region
Leslie N. Carraway, 1990

SP-031The Ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) of Western Texas. Part III. Additions and Corrections [Bound with SP-030]
James C. Cokendolpher, 1990

SP-030The Ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) of Western Texas. Part II. Subfamilies Ecitoninae, Ponerinae, Pseudomyrmicinae, Dolichoderinae, and Formicinae [Bound with SP-031]
James C. Cokendolpher and Oscar F. Francke, 1990


SP-029Systematics of Middle American Mastiff Bats of the Genus Molossus
Patricia G. Dolan, 1989

SP-028Patterns in the Structure of Mammalian Communities
Douglas W. Morris, Zvika Abramsky, Barry J. Fox and Michael R. Willig, Editors, 1989
$30.00 H
$10.00 P

SP-027  -  A Biogeographic Analysis of the Mammals of Salta Province, Argentina: Patterns of Species Assemblage in the Neotropics
Ricardo A. Ojeda and Michael A. Mares, 1989

SP-026Phylogenetic Analyses of the Bat Subfamily Stenodermatinae (Mammalia: Chiroptera)
Robert D. Owen, 1987
$20.00 H
$12.00 P

SP-025Scorpions (Arachnida) from Costa Rica
Oscar F. Francke and Scott A. Stockwell, 1987
$20.00 H
$12.00 P

SP-024Mammals of Zacatecas
John O. Matson and Rollin H. Baker, 1986
$20.00 H
$12.00 P

SP-023The Bats of Egypt
Mazin B. Qumsiyeh, 1985
$20.00 H
$12.00 P

SP-022Contributions in Mammalogy in Honor of Robert L. Packard
Robert E. Martin and Brian R. Chapman, Editors, 1984
$20.00 H
$20.00 P

SP-021Relationships of Chrysemyd Turtles of North America (Testudines: Emydidae)
Joseph P. Ward, 1984

SP-020Whistling-ducks: Zoogeography, Ecology, Anatomy
Eric G. Bolen and Michael K. Rylander, 1983

SP-019Tiger Beetles of the Genus Cicindela in Arizona
Judy Bertholf, 1983

SP-018Taxonomic Review of the Pallid Bat, Antrozous pallidus (Le Conte)
Chester O. Martin and David J. Schmidly, 1982

SP-017Mammals of Lacreek National Wildlife Refuge, South Dakota
Robert B. Wilhelm, Jerry R. Choate and J. Knox Jones, Jr., 1981


SP-016Biology of Bats of the New World Phyllostomatidae. Part III
Robert J. Baker, J. Knox Jones, Jr. and Dilford C. Carter, 1979

SP-015Catalogue of Type Specimens of Neotropical Bats in Selected European Museums
Dilford C. Carter and Patricia G. Dolan, 1978

SP-014Systematic Revision of Diplocentrid Scorpions (Diplocentridae) from Circum-Carribean Lands
Oscar F. Francke, 1978

SP-013Biology of Bats of the New World Phyllostomatidae. Part II
Robert J. Baker, J. Knox Jones, Jr. and Dilford C. Carter, 1977
Out of Print

SP-012Mexican Eyeless Characin Fishes, Genus Astyanax: Environment, Distribution, and Evolution
Robert W. Mitchell, William H. Russell and William R. Elliott, 1977

SP-011Revision of North American Trichodes (Herbst)(Coleoptera: Cleridae)David E. Foster, 1976

SP-010Biology of Bats of the New World Phyllostomatidae. Part I
Robert J. Baker, J. Knox Jones, Jr. and Dilford C. Carter, 1976

SP-009Distribution and Biogeography of Mammals of Iowa
J. B. Bowles, 1975
Out of Print

SP-008Keys, Species and Host List, and Bibliography for Nasal Mites of North American Birds (Acarina: Rhinonyssinae, Turbinoptinae, Speleognathinae, and Cytoditidae)
Danny B. Pence, 1975

SP-007Art and Environment in Native America
Mary Elizabeth King and Idris R. Traylor, Jr. , Editors, 1974
Out of Print

SP-006Systematic Studies of the Genus Pyrrhopappus (Compositae, Cichorieae)
David K. Northington, 1974

SP-005Systematics and Evolutionary Relationships of Spiny Pocket Mice, Genus Liomys
Hugh H. Genoways. 1973

SP-004The Systematics of the Genus Didelphis (Marsupialia: Didelphidae) in North and Middle America
Alfred L. Gardner, 1973

SP-003Review of the North American Eocene and Oligocene Apatermyidae (Mammalia: Insectovora)
Robert M. West, 1973

SP-002Late Paleocene Mammals from the Cypress Hills, Alberta
Leonard Krishtalka, 1973

SP-001Bats of Jalisco, Mexico
Larry C. Watkins, J. Knox Jones, Jr. and Hugh H. Genoways, 1972

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