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Mammal of Texas, 7th ed., Copyright Information

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Seventh edition (second University of Texas Press edition)
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Schmidly, David J., 1943–, author.
The mammals of Texas / David J. Schmidly and
Robert D. Bradley. — Seventh edition.
pages cm
Includes index.
ISBN 978-1-4773-0886-8 (pbk. : alk. paper) —
ISBN 978-1-4773-1002-1 (library e-book) —
ISBN 978-1-4773-1003-8 (nonlibrary e-book)
1. Mammals—Texas. 2. Mammals—Behavior—Texas.
3. Mammals—Texas—Anatomy. I. Bradley, Robert Dean, 1960–, author. II. Title.
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599.09764—dc23            2015031822


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