Texas Tech University

NWI Reports: G-M


The Tornadoes of Oklahoma City of May 3, 1999
by A. Gardner, K. C. Mehta, L. J. Tanner, Z. Zhou, M. Conder, R. Howard, M. S. Martinez, S. Weinbeck


Determination Of Wind Loads For An Arch Roof–published 1985
edited by J. D. Holmes, & M. I. E.Aust


Turbulent Wind Loads On Arch-Roof Structures: A Review Of Model and Full-Scale Results, and the effect of Reynolds Number
edited by G. L. Johnson, D. Surry & W.K. Ng


The Large-Scale Inflow-Layer Structure of Hurricane Frederic-published 1993
by J. Kaplan & W. M. Frank

Gust Factors Applied To Hurricane Winds–published 1992
edited by W. R. Krayer & R. D. Marshall


May 20 2013 Moore, OK, Tornado Investigation Report-published 2014 
by D. Liang, D. A. Smith, L. Tanner & S. Morse

Performance of Physical Structures in Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita
by C. W. Letchford

Damage Survey and Assessment of Fort Worth Tornado, March 28, 2000
by C. W. Letchford, H. S. Norville & J. Bilello

A Statistically Rigorous Model For Tornado Hazard Assessment–published 1995
edited by D. Lu


An Engineering Analysis of the Grand Island, NE Tornadoes–published 1982
by T. P. Marshall & J. R. McDonald

Storm Observations and Damage Survey of the Tornado Out Break Near Pampa, Texas on May 19, 1982
by T. P. Marshall & J. R. McDonald

Tornado Damage Survey at Moore, Oklahoma - published 2002
by T. P. Marshall

Utilization of Load/Resistance Statistics in a Wind Speed Assessment
by T. P. Marshall

Elements Of Academic Research–published 1996
edited by R. H. McCuen. Illustrations by J. Kinney

An Engineering Assessment of Structural Damage in the Altus, OK Tornado–published 1983
by J. R. McDonald and T. P. Marshall

Damage Survey of the Binger, Oklahoma Tornado of May 22, 1981
by J. R. McDonald, H. S. Norville, & T.. P. Marshall

Damage Survey of the Tornadoes Near Altus, Oklahoma on May 11, 1982
by J. R. McDonald & T. P. Marshall

The Kalamazoo tornado of May 13, 1980  - published 1981
by K. C. Mehta, National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Natural Disasters

Journal Of Structural Division–WindSpeed Analysis Of April 3-4, 1974 Tornadoes–published 1976
edited by K. C. Mehta, J. E. Minor & J. R. McDonald, Members, ASCE

Effects of Hurricane Allen on Buildings and Coastal Construction–published 1981
by J. E. Minor, P.E., W. L. Beason, & T. P. Marshall

The Tornado: An Engineering-Oriented Perspective - published 1977
by J. E. Minor, J. R. McDonald, & K. C. Mehta

The Corpus Christi Tornadoes October 24, 2002
by J. E. Minor