Texas Tech University

NWI Reports: N-T


Considerations for Blast-Resistant Glazing Design - published 2001
edited by H. Scott Norville, PE & Edward J. Conrath, P.E., Members, ASCE

Laminated Glass: Glazing Material For All Conditions - published 1998
edited by H. Scott Norville, PE, Ph.D.

Technics Focus Wind Does Not Break Window Glass
edited by H. Scott Norville & Paul E. Beers

Lubbock Tornado: A Survey of Building Damage in an Urban Area (NBS TN 558) - published 2010
by N. F. Somes; R D. Dikkers; T. H. Boone

Wind Engineering Research Field Laboratory Selected Data Sets for Comparison to Model-Scale, Full-Scale, and Computational Fluid Dynamics
by D. A. Smith, S. M. Morse, and K. C. Mehta (2017)

Wind and Water: Redeveloping Regional Resources for the New Economy - published 2005
edited by Andrew Swift


Standard Test Method for Materials attached to Vertical or Near Vertical Surfaces and Their Resistance to Horizontally Propelled Freezer Ice Balls -published 2015 by Larry J. Tanner

Analysis of the Above Ground Shelter Door Failure
April 27, 2014 Tornado, Mayflower, Arkansas - published 2014 by Larry J. Tanner and Ernst W. Kiesling

Pressure and Impact Test Performance of Above-Ground Non-Complying Tornado Shelter Doors - published 2014 by Larry J. Tanner and Ernst W. Kiesling

Moore, OK Tornado Shelter Performance Report May 20, 2013-published 2013 by Larry J. Tanner, Pataya L. Scott, Joseph Dannemiller, and Daan Liang

Tornado Damage Documentation: Using the EF Scale (Super Tuesday Tornadoes) February 5-6, 2008 -published 2008 by Larry Tanner and Amber Reynolds

The Central Florida Sumter County, Lake County, Volusia County Tornadoes February 2, 2007- published 2007 by Larry J. Tanner

Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf Coast Mitigation Assessment Team Report-published 2006 by Larry J. Tanner

The Evansville Tornadoes May 30, 2006-published 2006 by Larry J. Tanner and James E. Waller

Tornado Damage in Happy, Texas, May 5, 2002-published 2002 by Larry J. Tanner

Tornado Damage in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, December 16, 2000-published 2000 by Larry J. Tanner