Texas Tech University

2018 Humanities Center Fellows

The Humanities Center is pleased to announce its 2018 Fellows. Alumni College Fellows will receive a $3,000 fellowship and will present their work at Alumni College, a Humanities Center event taking place during Homecoming Week in October. Faculty Fellows have received a course release during the 2018 spring semester. Each faculty fellow will give a talk during the 2018-2019 academic year. Below the photo is a list of the Fellows and their research projects.

2018 FellowsBottom row, left to right: Ali Duffy (Theatre & Dance), Min-Joo Kim (English), and Lynn Whitfield (Southwest Collection); Second row, left to right: Sydnor Roy (CMLL), Dorothy Chansky (Director, Humanities Center), and Ryan Hackenbracht (English); Third row, left to right: Howard Curzer (Philosophy) and Emily Skidmore (History); Top row, left to right: Aaron Braver (English), Kristen Michelson (CMLL), and Julie Couch (English). Not pictured: Matthew Hunter (English), Roger McNamara (English), John Poch (English), Lucas Wood (CMLL), Elissa Zellinger (English), Wyatt Phillips (English) and Visiting Fellow Yeonhaun Kang. Photograph by Neal Hinkle.


Julie Couch (English) "Gaming the Manuscript: An Investigation into the Unique Layout of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight in the British Library Cotton MS A.x"

Howard Curzer (Philosophy) "Rethinking the Dialog between Mencius and King Xuan"

Ali Duffy (Theatre & Dance) "Why Competitive Collegiate Dance Teams Operate by Maintaining Balance between Athletic and Artistic Domains"

Ryan Hackenbracht (English) "Government and Grace: The Reformation of Sovereignty from Luther to Locke"

Matthew Hunter (English) "Stranger Styles: Public Language on the Early Modern Stage"

Min-Joo Kim (English)"Affective Uses of Demonstratives and their Cross-Linguistic Variation"

Kristen Michelson (CMLL) "Developing Second Language Literacies through
Digital Social Reading"

Sydnor Roy (CMLL) "Political Relativism: Political Theories in Herodotus'

Emily Skidmore (History) "Breast is Best: The Long Debate over Infant Feeding, 1778-1978"

Lynn Whitfield (Southwest Collections) "Texas Practice Houses"

Lucas Wood (CMLL) "Fake News in Medieval Camelot: Revealing and Repressing Courtly Adultery"

Elissa Zellinger(English) "Lyrical Strains: Lyric, Liberalism, and Women's Poetry, 1820-1920"


Aaron Braver (English) "Words and Their Relatives: How Morphologically Related Forms Influence Pronunciation"

Roger McNamara (English) "Secularism and the Crisis of Minority Identity in Postcolo-nial Literature"

Wyatt Phillips (English) "From Pages and Stages to Screens: The Business of Mass Culture, the Industrialization of Genre, and the Arrival of American Cinema"

John Poch (English) "Gracious: An Anthology of Contemporary Southern Poetry"


Yeonhaun Kang "The City, Food, and Environmental Justice: Comparative Racialization and Global Health in Contemporary US Fiction" Talk will be held April 25, 2018, School of Art B01