Texas Tech University

Committee for Advising, Retention, & Student Success

What is CARS?

High-quality academic advising and support resources are major contributors to the success of students at Texas Tech University.  Continually improving the institution's student success requires deliberate investment in these important elements.

The Committee for Advising, Retention, and Success (CARS) provides a consistent opportunity for members of academic and support units to invest in matters that affect academic advising, campus success resources, re-enrollment and retention, persistence and progress-toward-degree, campus engagement, and college transfer.

CARS meetings encourage communication, foster collaboration, and facilitate the development of creative solutions to important campus challenges, particularly those with many stakeholders but no singular 'owner.'  

Who is in the driver's seat for CARS?

We like to think that the folks who attend and contribute are the true drivers of CARS.  Each semester, the Executive Steering Group also invests time to serve CARS by organizing the meetings, facilitating further conversations, carrying ideas and proposals forward to the appropriate campus parties, and implementing approved programs/activities.

  • Megan Ohlmann
  • Jade Silva-Tovar
  • Cathe Nutter

What has CARS done for Red Raider Success?

Where can I learn more about CARS and how to get involved?

Come to a meeting!  If you're interested, please email advising@ttu.edu.  

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